New Motor Vehicle Act 2019: Traffic rules in these countries are even stricter than India, loans have to be taken to pay fines


New Motor Vehicle Act 2019: Traffic rules in these countries are even stricter than India, loans have to be taken to pay fines: The Government of India has implemented the New Motor Vehicle Act 2019 from September 1 to get out of the race of the countries with the most deaths in road accidents. Since then, there has been a ruckus in all the states and political parties. Many states have not implemented the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019, while some have written to the Central Government to reduce its penalty. However, you will be surprised to know that India is not the only country with strict traffic rules.

There are many countries whose traffic challan penalty here is many times more than India. Even very small and economically backward countries are far ahead of India in terms of strict traffic rules. There is also a provision for punishment with heavy fines. In many places people have to take loans even to pay the fine or they pay heavy fines with their credit cards etc. For violating traffic rules here, the fine is much more than a month’s salary.

Let us know about some countries with strict traffic rules and their heavy fines …


Traffic regulations are so strict in the US that drivers here have to strictly follow the sign boards which are ignored in India. For example, if a road sign board is installed in America, then it is mandatory for the driver to stop even if the road is completely empty. The driver has to stop and look at both sides of the road and only then can he proceed. If there is a red light, then it is mandatory for the driver to wait for the green light even if the road is completely empty.

Fined in america

  • No seat belt – $ 25 (about Rs. 18000)
  • Unlicensed – $ 1000 (Rs 72,000 tax)
  • Without helmet – $ 300 (about Rs 22,000)
  • Drunk driving – license revoked and fined for three months
  • Phone use during driving – 10 thousand dollars (Rs 7.23 lakh)


Like America, the traffic rules in Singapore are so strict that the drivers themselves follow all the signals and road marking. Like India, police are not standing in place to ensure drivers are following zebra crossings and traffic lights.

Fined in singapore

  • No seat belt – Rs 8000
  • Unlicensed – Rs 3 lakh
  • Drunk driving – $ 5000 (about 3.59 lakh rupees) and 3 months in jail, second time fine of 7 lakh
  • Phone use while driving – $ 1000 (Rs 72,000) or 6 months sentence

Russia –

It is not enough to follow traffic rules here. You must also keep your car clean and beautiful. The challan of 3000 rubles (about 3240 rupees) is cut here even if the vehicle is dirty. Driving dangerously (rash driving) comes under the category of serious crime. It is mandatory for every person in the car to wear a seat belt. There is an invoice of 50 thousand rubs (about 54000 rupees) for driving drunk. Also, the driving license for three years is revoked.

Dubai –

Like Russia, a heavy penalty can be incurred here if the vehicle is dirty. The Municipal Corporation of Dubai imposes a fine of 500 dirhas (about 10 thousand rupees) on a dirty car in a public place. This happens because the Municipal Corporation believes that often drivers drive on public parking and go on long leave and the vehicle is dirty. A broken or damaged vehicle cannot be kept here for long. On doing so, he is declared junk and sent to the scrap yard.

Bhutan –

Even though this country is far behind India in every respect, but it is far ahead of our country in following traffic rules. Alam is that in Bhutan, traffic runs smoothly even without traffic signals and people follow traffic rules wisely without any policemen. Like the India jam here, the drivers never enter the other side lane, whether policemen or not. Drivers cannot suddenly change lanes while walking on the road. At the same time, there is no adherence to lane driving in India, while most accidents occur due to sudden lane change.

Taiwan –

Is a much smaller country than India and this country is also behind India in almost every respect. Taiwan was once part of China. A fine of up to Rs 4 lakh is charged for driving drunk here.

Finland –

The amount of the invoice varies here. According to the financial condition of the person who violates these traffic rules, his penalty is fixed. Meaning, the more one earns, the more invoices are. Finland is probably the only country in the world to invoice on the basis of income.

Oman –

The African country of Oman is counted among the backward countries. The economy here rests on oil. Despite this the traffic rules here are very strict. While talking on the phone here, a challan of about 50 thousand rupees has to be filled.

Japan –

Special care is taken of people walking on the road here. Here, if a driver hurls mud or water on a person walking, then the challan is also cut with heavy fines. Therefore, in the event of water or mud on the road, the drivers have to walk very carefully and at low speed.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) –

Arab countries are always in discussion for their strict rules. In the UAE, drunk drivers are given painful punishment for beating their whips. Therefore, cases of violation of traffic rules are rare here.

Holland –

People here cannot forget mistakes like over speed or racing with a car on the road. The vehicle is seized forever for violating the speed limit prescribed here.

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