Nobel Peace Prize Given To Ethiopian Pm Abi Ahmed : Washington: The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize will be given to Ethiopian PM Abi Ahmed. PM Abi Ahmad Ali’s name has been selected for the Nobel Prize for his efforts in global peace and cooperation by establishing peace with the enemy country Eritrea. After assuming the post of PM in 2018, Abi Ahmed started a large-scale liberalization in Ethiopia.

Abi Ahmed released thousands of opposition activists from prison and allowed the exiled dissidents to return to the country. The most important work for which the Nobel Prize was selected is that it ended peace with the neighboring country Eritrea, ending the conflict for more than two decades.

However, Abi Ahmed’s reforms exposed Ethiopia’s racial tensions, prompting 2.5 million people to leave their homes in the violence that erupted. There was a tremendous discussion on several names before the name was announced for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, including 16-year-old Sweden climate activist Greta Thunberg. Apart from this, the names of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and activists in Hong Kong were also included in this race. Nobel Peace Prize Given To Ethiopian Pm Abi Ahmed

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