Pakistan prohibits sending Indian goods to Afghanistan from Wagah border


Pakistan prohibits sending Indian goods to Afghanistan from Wagah border: Pakistan rejected the possibility of Indian goods being shipped from Afghanistan to the Wagah border, saying that transit trade was a bilateral issue and not a trilateral issue. According to a report by The News on Thursday, Pakistani Prime Minister’s Commerce Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood said during a press conference on Wednesday, “We have asked Afghanistan not to make trade access from the Wagah border and they have agreed to it, Because transit trade is a bilateral issue and by no means can it be a trilateral issue. ”

Afghan Transit Trade (ATT)

On the Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) issue on the exchange of proposals between different groups after the President of Afghanistan’s visit to Pakistan, Razak Dawood said that he will visit Kabul from 20 to 30 August at the invitation of the Afghan Ambassador. Are going He said that Kabul is ready to start negotiations on preferential trade agreement (PTA).

He said that Afghanistan is going to raise the issue of commercial access to the Wagah boarder but has made it clear that they should not link the forum to a bilateral issue which is not trilateral and they agree.

Razak Said

Razak said that he raised the issue of pencil TV sets and black tea trade as these items come to Pakistan through a hidden passage under ATT, causing damage to the country.

He said that “I am against using ATT to harm our country.”

On the issue of cancellation of trade with the interior region of India and Kashmir, Razak Dawood said that he would react after considering all aspects. On the question of signing another FTA with China, he said that Beijing can sign the revised agreement by October 2019.

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