Pakistan trapped in its own woven net, fake FIR’s action lies on terrorists: After facing pressure from the international level, Pakistan is showing off in the name of action against the terrorists who are living here. Its pole to register fake FIR on terrorists has been revealed. Pakistan is either filing a false FIR against the terrorist and or terrorist organizations or Tahrir is so weak that the cases cannot stand during the trial in the courts.

The FIR registered in a police station in Pakistan

The FIR registered in a police station in Pakistan has exposed the false action against terrorists. In fact, the International Action Task Force (FATF), an international organization that is prohibiting financial assistance to terrorists, is to meet in October in which a decision has to be taken whether to keep Pakistan, the refugee of terrorists, in the black list.

On the black list, the country concerned has to face strict economic restrictions. Before this meeting, Pakistan has started defending itself.


According to the report of the news agency ANI, on July 1, an FIR was registered against terrorists associated with Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamaat-ud Dawa in Gujarwala, Pakistan. In this, it was said that the terrorist should be associated with an organization called Daawat-Vall Irshad. The matter was about a land deal.

Legal experts say that this case will not survive in the court as the claim of Irshad, which was mentioned in the FIR as a banned organization, has now been renamed to Jamaat-ud Dawa, a terrorist organization linked to Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Not only this, four other terrorists, including terrorist leader Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, are not named in this FIR. While these lands are used by these terrorists. Terrorists are also funded by land deals.

Legal experts say

Legal experts say that the names of all the accused are neither registered in the FIR nor their crimes are mentioned in the FIR. Let us know that the meeting of the Financial Task Force in Bangkok is to be held in the first week of October, in which the decision has to be taken whether to keep Pakistan in the black list or to be excluded.

In such a situation, Pakistan wants to mislead the world in the name of action by registering fake and half-incomplete cases against terrorists.

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