PM Modi at the peak of Popularity, MS Dhoni in second place | Survey


PM Modi at the peak of Popularity, MS Dhoni in second place | Survey

New Delhi: Although there is a lot of speculation about the retirement of former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he is still the second most liked person in the world. PM Narendra Modi is on top in this matter. Even though 38-year-old Dhoni is at the final stage of his career, his popularity has not declined. PM MODI STILL AT THE PEAK OF POPULARITY, MS DHONI IN SECOND PLACE – SURVEY

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Dhoni has been away from the cricket ground since the ICC World Cup this year, but he has defeated Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar in the list of most liked men in the country. According to the survey of ‘Ugav’, Dhoni is second in the list of most liked celebrities in the country after PM Modi. In this survey, about 42,000 people from 41 countries cast their votes and conducted their elections in two categories of most liked men and women in the country. According to the survey, in the year 2019, PM Modi is ranked number one among the most liked and admired figures in India with 15.66 percent votes, while in the women’s category, star boxer MC Mary Kom is at the top.

In the men’s section, Dhoni is followed by PM Modi with 8.58 percent votes. This is followed by Ratan Tata (8.02 per cent), Barack Obama (7.36 per cent) and Bill Gates (6.96 per cent). Indian captain Virat Kohli is seventh on the list, with a vote share of 4.46. Sachin Tendulkar is at 5.81 percent at number six ahead of Virat. Mary Kom (10.36 per cent) topped the women’s category. She is the only Indian among the top 25 women in the world.

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