Prince Harry and his wife announced to leave Royal Life, said- ‘People will become self-reliant’ mocked people like this:Prince Harry and his wife Meghan on Wednesday shocked themselves with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, separating themselves from the role of senior members of the royal family. Harry reportedly did not discuss this with Queen Elizabeth II.

In this shocking announcement, the couple said that they will now spend their time in North America and they are ending their long-established relationship with the press.

According to media reports, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued this statement without telling their grandmother Queen Elizabeth and father Prince Charles. According to a statement issued by Buckingham Palace, he said, “We want to move away from the role of senior members of the royal family to become financially self-reliant and the Queen will continue to receive our full support during this time.”

He said, “We have now planned to spend our time in Britain and North America.” Buckingham Palace said in another statement after about an hour and 40 minutes that the discussion with Harry and Megan was in the first phase. He said, “We understand his desire to take a different stand but this is a tricky issue that will take time to resolve.” Following this announcement, many reactions of people have come on Twitter. Some are making fun of them and some are praising them.

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