Qaboos bin Said al Said: India lost an important ally in the Gulf due to the death of Sultan Qaboos, the government announced one day state mourning: Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Saeed Al Saeed died on Friday. In his honor, the Government of India has announced a day of state mourning on 13 January. During this time the national flag will remain half-tilted and there will be no official entertainment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed sorrow over the demise of Sultan Qaboos on Saturday and said that India had lost an important ally in the Gulf country. Kabus’s cousin Haitham bin Tariq al Saeed has been declared the new Sultan.

Sultan Kabus was always ready to help the Indian community

Kabus was a student of former President Shankar Dayal Sharma

Sultan Qaboos studied in India. Former President Shankar Dayal Sharma was his teacher in Pune. Sultan Kabus’s father was an alumnus of Mayo College, Ajmer. He sent Kabus to Pune.

Modi described Kabus as a symbol of peace for the Arab region and the world. He tweeted, “Sultan Qaboos was a visionary leader and politician who transformed Oman into a modern and prosperous nation. Kabus was a true friend of India and contributed significantly in developing a vibrant strategic partnership between the two countries. I will always cherish the warmth and affection I received from him. ”

An Indian diplomat told Muscat that he remembered many things from his student days. That is why he was always ready to help the Indian community. He has always been very generous to India’s requests. Sultan Qaboos played a key role in getting Kerala pastor Tom Uzhunnalil released from Yemen. Tom Uzhunnalil was abducted in March 2016 and released in September 2017.

Sultan Qaboos establishes better relations with India: Prateek Kumar

Prateek Kumar, assistant professor of history at the University of Delhi, said, “The whole community is saddened not just by Oman but by the entire community. He played a key role in strengthening relations with India. Particularly in the last decade, his political and trade relations with India grew stronger. The agreement between the two countries was also reached on his tenure Delhi-Muscat Maritime Transport Agreement. India is a peace loving country, so there is a possibility of better relations with the new ruler of Oman. ”

7.7 million Indians live in Oman

Oman has 7.7 lakh Indians and it includes 6.55 lakh workers and employed people. Indian families have been living in Oman for the last 150–200 years. There are thousands of doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, teachers, professors, nurses and managers in India. India now expects a better relationship with the new Sultan Hathum Ban Tariq, to ​​work towards the welfare of the Indian community living there.

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