Railway’s Diwali Gift To Daily Travelers, 10 New Trains Will Start : New Delhi: Indian Railways is going to start passenger trains under the name ‘Sewa Service’. Some of these will run daily and some six days a week. Daily service trains will run between Delhi and Shamli, Bhubaneswar and Narayangarh cities, Murkungselek and Dibrugarh, Kota and Jhalawar and Coimbatore and Palani.

Additionally, the service trains which will run six days a week will run between Vadnagar and Mahesana, Asarwa and Himmatnagar, Karur and Salem, Yeshwantpur and Tumukur and Coimbatore and Pollachi. Regarding these trains, information has also been given by the railway on the official Twitter handle. According to Northern Railway spokesperson Deepak Kumar, keeping in mind the daily passengers, a new service service train (no. 51917/51918) is being started from Delhi to Shamli.

This train will run seven days a week. Train number 51917 will leave Delhi at 8:40 am and reach Shamli at 11:50 am. In return, it will run from Shamli at 2 pm and reach Delhi at 5:10 pm. Regular service of the train will start from Wednesday and it will have 11 general coaches. On the way, it will stop at Shahdara, Gokalpur, Saboli Halt, Nauli, Khekra, Baghpat Road, Barout, Kasimpur Khedi and Kandla stations. Railway’s Diwali Gift To Daily Travelers, 10 New Trains Will Start

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