RCEP: China annoyed by India’s refusal in RCEP, know what the media there is saying: China has been severely irritated after India’s refusal in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership led by China. His annoyance is evident in the government media there.

Actually, after this refusal, China has questioned the Indian leadership and the Indian political system itself. China’s official media says that the Indian government refused to join it under political pressure.

Positive signal

According to the Chinese government Global Times, in September, India was invited to discuss this megatrade deal. The newspaper says that after India’s exit from RCEP, the country’s Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal has indicated that India has kept the doors of talks open in this regard.

According to the newspaper, these signs are enough to show the intention of India under which India wants to join it.

Opposition attitude

In an article published in the Global Times web edition, it was decided that after strong opposition from other opposition parties, including Congress, it was decided that the central government would not proceed on this issue. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala (Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala) had said that other political parties, including the Congress, and social media groups had started protests against Arcep in recent months.

The newspaper has written in its article that this trade agreement has been made a political issue in India. The long-term benefits of this were ignored. PM Modi had no other option left after this protest that he should get out of it or accept his point.

Free trade agreement

According to a newspaper article, India has entered into several free trade agreements with neighboring countries in the last few years. Due to these, India has increased trade deficit. This is evident from the fact that India felt the need for reform to increase its competitiveness. As far as RSEP is concerned, it would have helped India to create an industrial chain in the region and the world. India’s large population and growing market would also benefit from it.

Not only this, it would also ease the path of economic reforms in India. However, India’s capability remained stuck in its system. The newspaper has even said about India that Western countries are assessing the political system of India and China. They believe that while democratic India is full of enthusiasm, the future of China is bleak. But his thinking is contrary to reality.

Question on high-speed rail network

Bar says that the proposal of High Speed ​​Rail Network in India started from Mumbai and Ahmedabad. It got approval in 2015 but its work could start by 2020. The reason for this is the acquisition of land in India and the slowing down of its process.

On the other hand, China has many high-speed rail lines. It took just 39 months to prepare the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway between Beijing Shanghai. In the meantime, the proposal of this project, apart from designing, includes the beginning and completion of the work. This is also China’s strength and efficiency.

Question on political system

In this newspaper article, the political system of India has also been questioned. It states that India is the largest democracy in the world. But here political infiltration is very fierce. On the other hand, if we compare India with China, then national consensus is strong here.

Not only this, along with the development of every region, the development of people here is China’s biggest priority. Therefore, many misunderstandings have been raised by the West regarding China. The West believes that the policies of the Communist Party of China are not right for the people there. The newspaper says that western countries cannot even realize the reforms happening here.

Leadership question

The newspaper has finally written that the Chinese President once said that he would not hesitate to take drastic measures for the development of the country. He not only said this but also showed it by doing it. On the other hand, PM Modi cannot take tough measures under political threat.

This is a difficult task not only for him but for any leader of India. The newspaper has written that India is in the grip of smog these days and the people there are questioning why the government is not working on it like China. This is the time when India should look into its political system.

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