The possibility of a coup in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s chair in danger, this is the biggest evidence


The possibility of a coup in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s chair in danger, this is the biggest evidence: Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s day seems to have been completed in power. Actually, according to media reports, the Pakistan Army can oust Imran Khan from power. In fact, Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa held a meeting with the country’s big businessmen on Thursday, after which the discussion on the coup in Pakistan has started.

Pakistani Army spokesman Asif Ghafur issued a press note detailing the meeting. According to this, ‘Pakistan’s internal security is related to its business, which is why the Army Chief today held a meeting with the country’s big businessmen. Accordingly, Pakistan’s internal security is linked to its trade. Bajwa, who appeared in an army uniform, appeared in a suit-boot at the meeting.

The news of the coup of Bajwa meeting in this way has intensified the coup in Pakistan. Foreign affairs experts say that the people of Pakistan are now looking for a new option but they have no other option than the army. In such a situation, the coup is the biggest way.

There has been a coup in Pakistan before

Even before this, the army has been overthrown in Pakistan. Even if it is 1958, 1969, 1977 and 1999 only. There is also resentment against the government among the people of Pakistan. Imran Khan is seen failing to bail out the country from the economic crisis. Imran could not handle the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, which the opposition is talking about.

The army supported Imran

It is worth mentioning that before the general elections in Pakistan, militants and army openly supported Imran Khan. After this, in August, Imran Khan extended the tenure of 58-year-old Bajwa for three years. But Imran Khan could not handle the work. Neither could anything happen in Pakistan on the economy front nor could anything happen on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

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