There is Water on Earth but there is no possibility of life, No Microorganisms of any kind Flourish


There is Water on Earth but there is no possibility of life, No Microorganisms of any kind Flourish: Temperatures vary from place to place around the world. There is more snowfall at some places and there is drought at some places. There is plenty of water somewhere but there is no life there.

Through this news, we will give you information about one such place where there is plenty of water but there is no life there. Such a place is located in the Dalol geothermal region of Ethiopia. Saline and high acid ponds exist here. A few days ago a research has come out about this, in which such area has been revealed.

Dalol Geothermal Zone

According to this research, microorganisms surprisingly have the ability to adapt to any of the earth’s difficult environments, but they are also not possible to live in a swamp geothermal zone. The landscape of Dalol is disturbing, which is present in Danakil, a lower place in Ethiopia.

It extends to the mouth of the volcano, which is equipped with salt, harmful gases and boiling water. In winter, the temperature here can be more than 45 ° C. Even the pH value is almost negative.

Analysis found out, microorganisms have no life

Biologist Lopez García, who is leading the team of French-Spanish scientists, said that after analyzing several samples, we have come to the conclusion that there is no life of microorganisms here. Even the nearby magnesium-rich saltwater lake has no life.

He said that the spread of microorganism in this region is due to movement of air and people. Some time ago the team’s article was published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. He said that this research will help to limit the restriction of living and to know the shape and life-related matters of the earth and beyond.

Lava and acid keeps coming out of the earth

Researchers at the Spanis Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) said that three continental plates of Earth collide in the Danakil. Due to this, lava and acid also comes out from the earth.

He said that this place is about 330 feet below the sea surface. Sometimes it hardly rains here, otherwise the molten lava here often seeps. There are two such volcanoes which are often active.

Lakes of many colors are present here

Saline water, when mixed with minerals and lava emitted from the volcano, produces many bright colors. In acidic ponds when sulfur and salt are mixed with each other, a bright yellow color is seen. When it is mixed with copper salt, a bright turquoise color is prepared.

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