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Today News, Today History: On this day, ISRO satellite Mangalyaan entered the orbit of Mars, know today’s history: 24 September History: There can be no better teacher than history. History does not only include events in itself, but you can learn a lot from these events as well. In this episode, you will know what happened in the country and the world on September 24, what big events had happened that left an impact on the pages of history. You will know that, on this day, we will talk more about the special people born, those who went away from the world on this day.

Important events of 24 September – Important Events of 24th September

1688 – France declares war against Germany.

1726– East India Company was authorized to set up municipal and mayor courts in Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.

1932 – A special agreement is reached between Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi to secure seats in the assemblies for ‘Dalits’ in Pune’s Yerwada Central Jail.

1932– Bengal’s revolutionary nationalist Pritilata Wadeedar became the first woman to lay down her life for the country’s independence.

1948 – Honda Motor Company is established.

1978 – The former Soviet Union conducted underground nuclear tests.

1996 – US President Bill Clinton signs the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty at the United Nations.

2005 – I.A.E.A. Decided to refer the issue of Iranian nuclear program to the Security Council.

2008 – China and Nepal sign an important contract in the field of telecommunications.

2008 – Indian cricketer Kapil Dev was conferred the honorary title of Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army by Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor at a function.

2008 – Madras High Court dismisses plea for premature release of Nalini and two other convicts in Rajiv Gandhi murder case.

2009 – The country’s first Chandrayaan-1 discovered water on the lunar surface.

2014 – Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) satellite Mangalyaan successfully entered the orbit of Mars.

Person born on 24 September – Famous Birthdays on 24th September

  • Pratap Narayan Mishra was born in 1856 in Hindi Khadi Boli and ‘Bharatendu Yuga’.
  • Bhikaji Cama, the lofty voice of women’s rights, was born in 1861.
  • American musicologist (d. 2007) Floyd Levine was born in 1922.
  • Indian, medical scientist Otar Sing Pantal was born in 1925.
  • India’s famous female swimmer Aarti Saha was born in 1940.
  • Former famous Indian cricketer Mohinder Amarnath was born in 1950.
  • Senior television journalist Pankaj Pachauri was born in 1963.
  • India’s first famous archer Limba Ram was born in 1971.

Death on 24 September – Famous Deaths of 24th September

Nana Saheb alias Dhundu Pant, who was active in military revolt, died in Nepal in 1859.
South Indian actress and famous Bharatanatyam dancer, Padmini, known as Mahan Roshni (Nrityaperioli) of dance, died in 2006.

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