Today Is World Standard Day, Know The Purpose Of Celebrating It


Today Is World Standard Day, Know The Purpose Of Celebrating It : Let everyone tell you that today is World Standard Day. The day is said to celebrate the importance of standardization for the global economy with the aim of raising awareness among regulators, industry and consumers and the technical benefits of standards and making products and services better and the industries connected to them more efficient Help to make. That is also because in every person’s life, from waking to sleeping, all kinds of products and services are brought up and if these standards are not properly followed then the life of the person becomes miserable rather than happy.

Let us tell you that this day was also started to honor the efforts of thousands of experts who develop voluntary standards within standards development organizations and their goal was to do whatever it takes towards global standardization at international level. Good efforts are being made, developing countries will also get their benefit. This will not only increase their business but will also change the socio-economic sector. At the same time, the whole world is connected to each other through the standard and our debit, credit card withdraw money for us from every ATM machine.

With this we can buy items for us from any shop, the bulb which we buy from anywhere in the market, it fits in the holder in our house. Not only this, this situation is with the plug of the toaster and all this has been possible due to standards. If there were no standards, everything would remain incomplete in the life of a human being. Another objective to celebrate this day is to spread awareness about the need for standardization for economies. Today Is World Standard Day, Know The Purpose Of Celebrating It

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