US President Donald Trump has written a letter to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan: US President Donald Trump has written a warning to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyab Erdogan this time. He wrote in the letter, “Don’t be foolish .. Come to your senses … or else be prepared to face punishment.” Trump has written to the Turkish President at a time when the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on Wednesday, on Wednesday, called and instructed Irdoुगan to resolve the Syrian conflict. In this regard, he also invited to come to Moscow.

After all, what did Trump write to his Turkish counterpart ..

In this letter, he has said that ‘Do not try to be rude like a dictator, otherwise you will be ruined’. Trump further said that ‘you achieve your goal in a human way. Otherwise this history will remember you as the devil. Don’t be a tough and complicated man, don’t be a fool. ‘ He has written in the letter that I will also talk to you on the phone. He wrote in his letter, “Let’s make a good deal.”

You do not want to be responsible for the slaughter of thousands of people and I do not want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy. Trump said don’t disappoint the world. This is the time you can make a great deal. General Majloom is ready to negotiate with AAP, he is also ready to make concessions. Do not disappoint the world. You can make a great deal. General Majloom is ready to negotiate with you, and to make concessions he would never have made.

Initiative by Russian President Putin

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to Turkish President Rajab Tayyib Irdoुगan over the phone regarding the Syrian-Turkish conflict. They have invited Turkish leaders to come to Moscow to resolve the ceasefire. The Russian President’s Office stated that the Turkish President has accepted Putin’s invitation. The special thing is that this initiative of the Kremlin came at a time when many European countries including the US have banned Turkey. This is the initiative of the Russian President that matters. The Russian President said on the phone that peace in the region is necessary. He stressed the need to prevent a confrontation between units of the Turkish Army and the Syrian Armed Forces.

One lakh 60 thousand people flee

According to the United Nations, dozens of people have been killed in Turkey’s military campaign in northern Syria since the last one week, while nearly 1.6 million people have fled.

One thousand American soldiers will return from Syria

The US will withdraw about a thousand soldiers stationed in war-affected Syria in the next few weeks. The withdrawal of these troops is set to take place amid Turkish military operations on Kurdish forces in northern Syria. Trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from Syria last week.

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