VIDEO: Pakistan’s Best player forced to hire mercenary van, said- It is difficult to run a family due to the bad situation of the country


VIDEO: Pakistan’s Best player forced to hire mercenary van: The neighboring country Pakistan has made many changes in its departmental cricket due to which the career of many promising players is at stake. Along with this, a crisis of livelihood has also arisen in front of them. Pakistan’s economy is already in crisis and now its players are also suffering due to this, due to which they are forced to drive to the pick van to feed their family.

These days, the video of 31-year-old Pakistani player Fazal Subhan is going viral on social media, in which he is seen driving a pickup van. Fazal has scored a double century in first class cricket and has also scored in T20 matches at a strike rate of 131. In the video, he told that when he used to play departmental cricket, he used to get up to 1 lakh rupees, but since he has stopped, he also faced a livelihood crisis. Fazal Habib used to play cricket for Bank Limited.

There was a time when Fazal was being selected for the Test matches in the Pakistan team. He told that I am not the only one who has this kind of crisis, rather there are many promising players who are forced to sit in homes.

Fazal said that even today we get to fill our stomach, but the kind of situation that is there in the country, tomorrow we may not even have these options. Let us know that the performance of Pakistan cricket team is also not doing well these days. Most recently, the Sri Lanka team defeated them in the home series 3–0 in the T20 series.

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