War clouds in Syria Trump ignites: Slight war clouds are looming between Turkey and Syria. Gradually Turkish troops enter Syria. The civil war between the two countries seems to be escalating for eight years. Turkey condemns Syria’s efforts to repatriate some 36 million refugees across its country’s borders.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Syria of blocking its proposal to establish a safe zone within the borders. He has given the green signal to his country’s military operations that have been going on for weeks in the border, he said. Warning said that the occupation could happen at any time.

US President Trump has stepped up. You have been so aggressive against Syria that you have tormented Turkey. With the withdrawal of nearly two dozen troops serving as a buffer line between Turkish soldiers and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, Turkish forces are attempting to advance.

Trump’s latest shock announcement that his country’s soldiers are no longer there. He is in no position to back down as Republicans and Democrats have been critical of the Trump government’s stance on tensions between Turkey and Syria. Trump has severely threatened to wipe out the country’s economic situation if Turkey is overstated. However, there is no end to why, for the funny battles.

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