XI Jinping in India: Talks between PM Modi and Jinping on important issues including border dispute will be held today


XI Jinping in India: Talks between PM Modi and Jinping on important issues including border dispute will be held today: The results of the second informal dialogue between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday are indicative of auspiciousness in terms of relations between the two countries. The warm meeting of the two leaders on Friday in Maamallipuram, ie Mahabalipuram, a witness to the old India-China relationship, about 57 km from Chennai, has reduced the tensions in bilateral relations due to Kashmir to a great extent. On Friday, only domestic bilateral relations, trade, terrorism, religious fundamentalism and investment relations were discussed.

Today talks will be held on international issues and border dispute

There will be talks on international issues and other complex issues including border dispute on Saturday. It is believed that after the bilateral talks on both sides, some concrete measures can be announced to restore confidence on the border.

Dinner lasted two and a half hours

Late last night, Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said that the two leaders stayed together for five hours in which no one else was in talks with them for most of the time. An hour was kept for dinner, but it lasted a full two and a half hours.

Jinping willing to work with Modi for next four and a half years

Modi and Jinping also told each other about the priorities of their governments. President Jinping expressed his desire to work closely with Prime Minister Modi for the next four and a half years.

Business, terrorism and religious fundamentalism remain the main focus of discussion

Considerable time was given in the talks on economic issues. The two leaders explored a wide range of options, particularly on measures to increase investment and remove bilateral trade imbalances. Terrorism was another important issue on which both leaders expressed equal concern. In particular, both countries also agreed to increase cooperation in the future to curb the increasing fanaticism in the society.

There have been 17 talks between Modi and Jinping

Gokhale said that Modi and Jinping have been negotiated 17 times at the bilateral level, which expresses the growing trust between the two leaders. Apart from this, informal conversations have been held twice.

100-member team with Jinping

Earlier at 2 pm, President Xi Jinping’s plane landed at Chennai Airport. He is accompanied by a team of 100 member officers. The distance from Chennai to Mamallapuram was completed by the President by road, in which about 8000 security personnel were engaged in security arrangements.

PM Modi received Tamil dress wearing Tamil apparel

The process of welcoming the President of China with traditional dance started at the airport itself. Wearing traditional Tamil costumes, Prime Minister Modi received Jinping in the temple complex, located just a few hundred meters away from the shifting waves of the Bay of Bengal. Modi displayed the three main attractions of the complex as a guide to the Chinese President. It also shows the ease of relationship between the two leaders.

Parties from both countries enjoyed a cultural program prepared by the art center at each other’s temple complex on the sea shore. During this time, talks between Modi and Jinping continued. Near the stone known as Krishna’s butter ball (Butterball) located in this complex, Modi and Jinping also raised signs to end their tension by raising their hands. The entire complex is included in the World Heritage Site.

The dinner included eight-eight officials from both countries

The dinner hosted by the Indian Prime Minister consisted of eight officials including Foreign Ministers, National Security Advisor, Foreign Secretary, Ambassadors posted in each other’s country. But even after tasting the South Indian food, the conversation between Modi and Jinping continued. The talks are being seen as preparations for the bilateral official talks to be held on Saturday.

PM Modi will present Kashmir issue in front of Jinping

It has to be seen whether there is talk on Kashmir issue on Saturday. The Indian side admits that it has no problem in making its point. Modi himself would like to tell Jinping the whole story of removing Article 370 from Kashmir.

Talks on Kashmir issue between the two countries increased

It is worth remembering that this conversation between Modi and Jinping is happening when Kashmir issues between the two countries. The tantrum has increased on the day. Three days ago, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan met with Jinping in Beijing. Jinping then supported Pakistan’s side on the Kashmir issue. India reacted very strongly to this.

Modi gave information about Arjun’s tenacity to Jinping

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, playing the role of a guide, briefed Chinese President Xi Chinping about the archer Arjun and his penance. He told how human and nature can live in harmony with each other. President Jinping also took considerable interest in this.

Jinping expressed his desire to conduct research on Mamallapuram

Jinping said he is aware of this place’s engagement with China and wishes to conduct further research on it. In this context, he also discussed the remains of a temple found in Fujian province of China. The two countries are expected to jointly learn more about these historical relations.

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