Dushyant Chautala’s firm move to share cabinet, screws over two MLA’s


Dushyant Chautala’s firm move to share cabinet, screws over two MLA’s: In the new cabinet of Haryana, Jananayak Janata Party has made a minister from its quota. 1 Many questions have arisen regarding this. JJP convenor and Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala is doing very well in the entire matter. The entry of JJP’s only minister in Manohar’s cabinet is being linked to the party’s strategy. There is a discussion that the screw is stuck on two JJP MLAs. It is said that some BJP veterans are opposing to make these MLAs ministers.

Two BJP stalwarts were against Ramkumar Gautam and Devendra Babli

It is said that the JJP did not want to show any rashness to join the cabinet. Therefore, only one minister was included in the cabinet. Apart from the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, there can be 12 ministers in the Haryana Cabinet. 10 ministers were sworn in on Thursday. The remaining two posts are likely to be sworn in by JJP Kota ministers in the next cabinet expansion.

Anoop Dhanak’s entry made suddenly to avoid disputes

Initially there was discussion that two cabinet and one minister of state will take oath from JJP quota in Manohar cabinet on Thursday. Later the party changed the strategy. The news came that there would be no JJP quota minister in the cabinet. Prior to this decision, Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala had been allotted 11 departments.

In the morning, on the day of the formation of the cabinet, the meeting of JJP MLAs was held at UT Guest House, Chandigarh, which also included Dushyant Chautala. According to sources, when the MLAs came to know that no JJP quota minister was joining the cabinet, it was argued that it would send a wrong message in the state. Therefore, entry of any MLA from JJP quota in the cabinet is also necessary.

The top leadership of the JJP accepted the plea of ​​its party MLAs as legitimate. Now it came to whom the entry should be given. Ramkumar Gautam, an MLA from Narnaund, Devendra Babli, an MLA from Tohana and Chaudhary Ishwar Singh, an MLA from Guhla Cheeka, along with Ukala MLA Anup Dhanak were strong contenders to become ministers.

Captain Abhimanyu did’d want

It is said that Captain Abhimanyu, who was the Finance Minister in the previous BJP government, and State Bhatpa President Subhash Barala did not want Gautam and Babli to become ministers. There was tremendous lobbying for this. To avoid any controversy, it was decided to reward Anup Dhanak with loyalty and was sworn in as Minister of State.

It is also said that some JJP MLAs were also uncomfortable with this decision, but it is believed that Dushyant Chautala has been able to convince them that everything is fine according to the appropriate opportunity. According to sources, the remaining two ministerial posts belong to the JJP quota, but BJP will try till the end that Dushyant may agree to a ministerial position, which is very unlikely.

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