Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly Election Exit Poll 2019: BJP bloom expected in Haryana and Maharashtra, may get two-third seats: In Haryana, the BJP is expected to get a convincing victory. According to the survey of ABP and C voters, BJP can get 72 seats in the state. Whereas in 2014 it got just 47 seats. According to the survey, the Congress can get only 8 seats in the state and only 10 seats to other parties including INLD.

What are exit polls?

Actually, survey agencies conduct data collection during elections. On the election day, when the voter comes out after casting his vote, information is taken from him about whom he has voted. Results based on this data are called exit polls. On the last day of polling, the figures of Hemsa exit poll are released.

According to News 24 survey, BJP can get 71 seats in Haryana. The Congress is expected to get 11 seats and other parties 8 seats. According to an India TV survey, BJP is expected to get 75 seats, Congress 10 and other parties 8 seats. Similarly, till date it has given 63 seats to BJP, 16 to Congress and 11 to other parties in its survey. Republic Channel in its poll survey has predicted 52 to 63 seats for BJP in Haryana, 15 to 19 for Congress and 12 to 19 for other parties. The survey by ABP and C voter, in Haryana, BJP has got 72 seats, Congress 8 and other parties 10 seats.

According to News 24 survey

According to News 24 survey, BJP and Shiv Sena are estimated to get 181 seats in Maharashtra, 69 seats for Congress and NCP and 15 seats for other parties. An India TV survey, BJP and Shiv Sena are projected to get 230 seats in Maharashtra, Congress and NCP 48 and other 10 seats. Similarly, in today’s survey, BJP-Shiv Sena is estimated to get 166-194 seats, Congress-NCP 72 to 90 and other parties 22 to 34 seats.

In its poll survey, Republic Channel has projected BJP-Shiv Sena to get 216-230 seats in Maharashtra, Congress-NCP 44 to 65 seats and 8 to 11 seats to other parties. According to the survey by ABP and C voters, BJP-Shiv Sena has predicted 204 seats in Maharashtra, 69 seats for Congress-NCP and 15 seats for other parties.

Elections is over in Haryana and Maharashtra

Voting for the Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections is over. Along with all parties, common people are eagerly waiting for the exit poll figures. In a short time, survey agencies will start releasing exit poll results. Votes have been cast in 90 seats in Haryana and 288 seats in Maharashtra and voting percentage of these states will also be revealed soon. However, voting has been slow since morning. The results will be announced on October 24.

Explain that both states have a BJP government. In Haryana, the BJP is single-handedly in power, while in Maharashtra it is running a coalition government with the Shiv Sena. Along with the assembly elections in both states, polling has been held today for 51 assembly seats and two Lok Sabha seats in about 18 states of the country. Elections have been held for 11 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 6 in Gujarat, 5 in Bihar, 4 in Assam and 2-2 in Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

BJP got 47 seats in 2014 Election

In the 2014 assembly elections in Haryana, BJP got 47 seats, Om Prakash Chautala’s INLD got 19 seats and Congress got 15 seats. Similarly in Maharashtra, the BJP emerged as the single largest party in the 2014 elections, winning 122 seats. In this election, Shiv Sena got 63 seats, Congress 42 seats and NCP 41 seats. This time the BJP is expecting more seats than in 2014 due to weak opposition in Haryana. It is also expected to get more seats in Maharashtra. She is contesting 150 seats in the state. Shiv Sena is contesting 124 seats this time.

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