Haryana Assembly Election 2019: Amit Shah’s visit in Narnaund, Hisar Cancelled at the last moment


Haryana Assembly Election 2019: Amit Shah’s visit in Narnaund, Hisar Cancelled at the last moment: The BJP National President and Union Home Minister Amit Shah did not visit Haryana on Monday in the Haryana Assembly Election. His program was canceled at the last minute. After this, Union Minister and BJP’s election in-charge Narendra Tomar and Central Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh addressed rallies in Tahana and Ellenabad. Tomar said that today was not the former India. Today it is an India of strength. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did this feat.

Tomar said

Tomar said that earlier Pakistan used to do wrong actions on the border and used to carry out terror attacks, then the former Prime Minister used to say what we see, but PM Modi’s government changed this atmosphere. PM Modi has immediately responded to such antics. Today, Prime Minister Modi has raised the flag of India all over the world and has increased its honor. Today the whole world is walking shoulder to shoulder with India.

He said that Manohar Lal freed Haryana from corruption after becoming the Chief Minister. The Manohar government gave employment to 70 thousand youths without any discrimination and prescription. Manohar Lal developed the entire state of Haryana. Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh said that this election is a battle of good and evil and truth and untruth. State BJP President Subhash Barala addressed the rally. Barala is a BJP candidate from here.

Subhash Barala said

Subhash Barala said that the Haryana government developed all areas in the state without discrimination. Narendra Modi of the Center and Maneharlal Government of Haryana have done well for the people. Union Minister Jitendra Singh said that Manoharlal’s government freed Haryana from corruption. Earlier governments were fiercely scammed and there was a race for corruption. The Manoharlal government put an end to this. Manoharlal, who was infamous for the exploitation of women, also got rid of this stigma.

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched one to one schemes for the welfare of all sections of society. Manohar Lal of Haryana took these plans to the people and made them tangible. Attacked the Congress over corruption. He also attacked the Congress fiercely for removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. He said, Congress leaders used to say that Article 370 cannot be deleted. If it is removed then earthquake will occur. Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot remove it even after taking many births. Prime Minister Modi removed it. The rally was also addressed by BJP MP Sunita Duggal and former Punjab BJP President Kamal Sharma.

Amit Shah did not even reach Ellenabad and Narnaund

Along with Tohana, Amit Shah did not reach to address rallies in Alanabad in Sirsa district and Narnaund in Hisar. Union Minister Narendra Tomar and Dr. Dr. Jitendra Singh addressed the rally. In Narnaund, Captain Abhimanyu and other leaders addressed the rally.

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