Haryana Assembly Election 2019: BJP issues election Manifesto letter, focus on village, poor, farmer and farming


Haryana Assembly Election 2019: BJP issues election Manifesto letter, focus on village, poor, farmer and farming: The BJP, which has run the government in Haryana for five years, has presented its Manifesto letter ‘Mahare Sapne Ka Haryana’ on Sunday. The 32-page resolution letter has taken care of every section, giving importance to sportsmen, youth, farmers and the poor. The BJP has promised special attention to the village, the poor, the farmers and farming.

The resolution letter was presented by BJP’s national executive president Jai Prakash Nadda, Chief Minister Manohar Lal, state in-charge Dr. Anil Jain, election in-charge Narendra Tomar and co-in-charge Bhupendra Singh. In order to give more emphasis on health, education and safety, it has been said in the resolution letter to consider new technology.

Similar hospitals will be built in all the 22 districts on the lines of hospitals equipped with modern facilities in Ambala and Panchkula. Competition will start in schools in the field of education. All schools will be on the lines of the ascension or culture model.

Explain that this time the BJP had sought direct suggestions from the public to prepare a resolution letter. The committee constituted under the leadership of Agriculture Minister Omprakash Dhankar has included 200 suggestions in the resolution letter.

BJP Election Manifesto

  • Daily bus service in every village, 24 hours electricity
  • Loans up to 10 lakhs per hour to young entrepreneurs
  • Old age pension three thousand rupees monthly
  •  Pension will increase according to inflation
  • Harappan Circuit to develop important sites of Indus Valley Civilization
  • Gurugram, Hisar, Rohtak, Faridabad and Ambala Solar City
  • Smart town on the lines of smart city
  • RO in settlements to improve water quality
  • KMP has five new super smart cities
  • Kurukshetra Dev Darshan Package, which covers 108 temples
  • State will become a drug-free state
  • Free education to women from KG to PG
  • Interest free cropped loans up to three lakh rupees
  • Flights from Hisar Airport to Jaipur, Delhi, Jammu and Dehradun
  • Free Wi-Fi at all major public places
  • Farmers plate of Rs 10 in mandis and sugar mills
  • Five lakh CCTV cameras to protect women
  • Unsecured loan of three lakhs to skilled artisans
  • Senior Citizen Day Care Centers in villages with more than ten thousand population
  • Unsecured loan of three lakhs for SC youth business
  • Crèches for women children in government offices
  • No liquor contracts in villages
  • Panchayats right to prepare budget
  • Free smart phones on less than one lakh 80 thousand rupees annual
  • Water conservation, environment and land conservation will be included in the course
  • Free Wi-Fi and Atal Service Center in all colleges
  • Battery powered vehicles hub in Haryana
  • clearance up to Rs 15 crore at district level
  • Foreign Liaison Department for Foreign Investment
  • Ministry of Youth Development and Self Employment formed

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