Haryana Assembly Election 2019: Haryana’s Jats embroiled in the politics of Manohar, Hooda and Dushyant


Haryana Assembly Election 2019: Haryana’s Jats embroiled in the politics of Manohar, Hooda and Dushyant: The mood of Haryana politics is very hot in the Haryana Assembly Election 2019. Wherever you look, defeat is an assessment of victory. Mathematics of addition and breakdown of votes. Combining Dalit votes with Jaat and non-Jaat politics. At this time of election, a little caution and accident happened. To avoid this, the political parties are blistering.

In the event of Jaat equations being manipulated in 30 assembly seats in a dozen districts

The voters in Sirsa-Fatehabad belt are not very vocal. The Hisar-Bhiwani belt is full of enthusiasm, but the voters are in silent mode. In Gurugram-Faridabad-Palwal, at night the market of politics is decorated in small groups. The Rohtak-Sonipat belt is still in complete confusion. The mood of the GT Road belt of Kurukshetra-Karnal and Ambala is clear.

Whenever there is a discussion about the political atmosphere of the state, there is definitely a discussion on Jaat polytics. If Bhajan Lal’s rule is left out, after a long time in Haryana, BJP’s Manohar Lal’s non-Jaat government has been formed.

After traveling for a full five years, now the Manohar government and most of the heads of previous governments are again in the electoral battle. There is no talk of Jaat and non-Jaat politics in this time of elections, but there is a complete current inside. This is felt in Jaat voters as well as non Jaat voters.

BJP fielded 20, Congress 27, JJP 34 and INLD gave 30 Jaat candidates

Jaat politics has an important contribution in the political background of Haryana. Therefore, it has become very important to understand what is the trend of Jaat politics this time. BJP was also accused of being non-Jaat supporters, but still Manohar Lal gave 20 out of 90 tickets to Jaat candidates. Most of the current Congress MLAs are Jats. Bhupendra Singh Hooda got tickets for 27 Jaat in a bid to promote Jaat leadership.

Chaudhary Devi Lal and Omprakash Chautala’s party INLD split, yet it gave tickets to 30 Jats. Similarly, the Jananayak Janata Party led by Ajay Singh Chautala and Dushyant Singh Chautala, which came into existence after the dissolution of INLD gave the highest number of tickets to 34 Jats.

This Jaat love of political parties clearly means that they cannot ignore Jaat politics in Haryana. In the last election, BJP had given tickets to two dozen Jats. This time, whether it is BJP or other political parties, the emphasis is on helping Jats.

Jaat politics is in Major Role in Haryana

Understand the Jaat politics of the state in the manner that Birendra Singh, Subhash Barala, Captain Abhimanyu and Omprakash Dhankhar do Jaat politics in the BJP. Bhupendra Singh Hooda and his son Deepender Singh Hooda in Congress and Abhay Singh Chautala in INLD are the nurturers of Jaat politics. Dushyant Singh Chautala has now taken up this initiative in JJP. It is clear that the work of political parties is not going to go unnoticed by the Jats.

The Rohtak, Sonipat, Jhajjar, Charkhi Dadri, Panipat, Jind, Kaithal, Sirsa, Fatehabad, Hisar and Bhiwani Rako Rakos of Haryana are considered to be Jaat dominated. There are 30 assembly seats in these districts where Jaat voters are in a completely decisive position. That is why no political party is able to show the jurors to ignore the politics of Jats and their tough style. Be it BJP or Congress or JJP and INLD, all have intensified their efforts in the direction of supporting Jats.

Without the support of Jats, the BJP’s mission-75 target is unlikely to be met

Without the support of Jats, the BJP’s mission-75 target is unlikely to be met. The BJP, which has won the Modi flag in the Lok Sabha elections with a victory flag in two dozen Jaat circles, has decided the entire strategy of penetrating the opposition Chakravyuh to feed the lotus again in these areas. There is about 28 percent Jaat vote bank in the state, which has the power to win and defeat any party. This is the reason that the political axis of Haryana has been revolving around the Jaat community for a long time.

Talking about the current situation, after the dissolution of the INLD, which is called the first choice of Jats, the Jaat vote bank is divided. Some voters of this community leaned towards the Congress and some were seen standing with the JJP. A large number of Jats are associated with the BJP due to various other issues including recruitment in jobs, which the party does not want to leave any stone unturned to convert into a vote bank. In the Lok Sabha elections, Jats have also demonstrated their BJP love.

While two BJP ministers Om Prakash Dhankhad Badli and Captain Abhimanyu stand firmly in Narnaund, state president Subhash Barala is in straight fight in Tohana. Apart from this, in many assembly seats like Garhi Sampala, Kiloi, Beri, Maham, Kaithal, Ellenabad, BJP is getting direct competition from Congress or JJP. Bhupendra Singh Hooda in Congress, Abhay Singh Chautala in INLD and Dushyant Chautala himself in JJP.

Despite Vijayashree in the Lok Sabha, she was left

In the elections to the ten Lok Sabha seats of Haryana, the BJP trailed in the Jaat dominated ten assembly seats despite clearing the opposition. These include Narnaund, Badli, Garhi Sampla-Kiloi, Beri and Maham. For crossing BJP-75, it has become necessary for the BJP to break the Jat-dominated seats. This is the reason why BJP has kept more visits of central leaders in Jaat dominated areas.

The target of BJP national leaders is that all those leaders can become obstacles in the path of its mission 75. In contrast, the efforts of Bhupendra Singh Hooda and Dushyant Chautala remain to mobilize the Jaat vote bank in their favor. For this, the strategists of both are making all efforts.

BJP’s social engineering will also impact

Running on social engineering, the BJP has one Jaat Sikh, nine Punjabi, eight Vaishya, one Bishnoi, eight Brahmins, six Ahirs, five Gurjars, two Meo, six from the Backward Classes, four Rajputs, two Roads and 18 Scheduled Castes (SC) candidates. Has also entered the electoral battle. With the help of Jat-non-Jaat equation, the party is following the strategy of electoral victory.

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