PM Narendra Modi in Haryana: Haryana Assembly Election 2019 PM Narendra Modi Rally in Kurukshetra Now surgical strike on water


PM Narendra Modi in Haryana: Haryana Assembly Election 2019 PM Narendra Modi Rally in Kurukshetra Now surgical strike on water: Haryana Assembly Election 2019 PM Narendra Modi Rally Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed rallies in Dadri and Kurukshetra on Tuesday. He spoke of big steps against Pakistan in these rallies. He now hinted at a ‘surgical strike’ of water against him. Modi said that India has the right over the water of the rivers going to Pakistan and it will be stopped soon.

Along with this, while referring to Jammu and Kashmir, he said that terrorism and separatism can no longer be tolerated. Whatever objections one has to object, but we will continue to take whatever steps are necessary in the national interest on the injury of the sting.

He said why Congress and Humanists do not see the pain of Kashmiri mothers. They should tell whether they should get their own son or not. The country can no longer afford separatism and terrorism in Kashmir. He said in the rally held in Kurukshetra, politics keeps on going, elections keep coming and defeats and wins, but the security of the country is top and most important.

Security of the nation is the biggest priority. Should terror and separatism continue in Jammu and Kashmir, should our brave soldiers continue to be martyred. That can not be. Whoever has to object, we will continue to take steps in national interest and national security.

 Pakistan will have a new ‘surgical strike’, water of rivers will be stopped

He spoke of taking another major step against Pakistan. We doing new surgical strikes against Pakistan on water. He said that the water of rivers going to Pakistan will be stopped. Work is being done in this direction and soon our farmers will get water going there. Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan are entitled to this water.

Said- Congress and humanists do not see the pain of Kashmiri mothers

The Prime Minister was addressing a rally in Kurukshetra after Dadri. He said that the Prime Minister said that the people of Haryana have decided. The people have decided to win the BJP with a huge majority. He said that this Diwali should be the Diwali of daughters. One with diyas and the other with lotus. After addressing the rally in Dadri, the Prime Minister reached Kurukshetra.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Kurukshetra rally.

He said that he had made three big promises in the Lok Sabha elections. Will strengthen national security. They will strengthen the spirit of unity and integrity and will intensify efforts to increase farmers’ earnings. Today on this earth of the Gita, I can say that promises have started coming down on the earth in a very short time.

Congress targeted for Rafale plane, seal sealed with people

He said that the first Rafale was found on French soil. He asked the people in his own special way, whether you were happy or not, whether the first fighter plane joined the Rafale army or not. India’s military strength increased, you are proud of it or not. The chest of 125 crore countrymen is proudly taunted, but what happens to the Congress leaders.

He said that whenever the country is happy, you are happy, but the leaders of Congress begin to suffer a lot. On everything that the country’s pride rises, the attitude of the Congress is negative. They are unhappy when respect comes in cleanliness and the arrival of foreign leaders. Congressmen are furious at Article-370 from Jammu and Kashmir and taking advantage of this, Pakistan is trying to encircle India in reverse.

Said- how long will the country face the period of terrorism and separatism in Jammu and Kashmir

PM Modi said, how long will the country withstand terrorism and separatism in Jammu and Kashmir. How long our heroes will keep coming wrapped in the tricolor. I want to ask the Congress people, awaken the humanity in them. A mother keeps on offering namaz to return her son to the mainstream of terrorism, I want to ask those humanists-Congress whether that mother should get that son back or not. Such mothers should be protected or not.

He said, a mother of Kashmir reads five prayers to bring back her son who is on terror, mother shouts and pleads to return the son from the path of terrorism, then asks humanists that mother should get her son or not. The phase of separation should end and the lap of mothers should not be lost. There is hardly any corner on the land of Haryana where the jawans have not sacrificed their lives to protect the border of India. The BJP wants the Valmiki Samaj Dalit families in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh to get their rights.

Attacking Congress, he said, Dalits get rights, what is the objection of Congress. The focus of the central and state governments of the BJP is to make its benefits more accessible to the deserving people. Whatever schemes the BJP government has made for Dalit, poor and backward people are reaching the right eligible people. They will also make plans and will go ahead to take these schemes to the door of the entitlements.

PM welcomes Modi-Modi slogans on arrival at Kurukshetra rally

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his speech in Haryanvi at the Kurukshetra rally. He greeted the people in Haryanvi. Modi said – All Tau Taiyan Nai Bhan Bhai Nai Ram Ram. After this, people called Sat Sri Akal. Modi said, no one can forget the scent of Basmati of Thanesar.

The Prime Minister spoke of the pain of the mothers of Kashmir while referring to terrorism. He said, our mothers in Kashmir were yearning to prevent their sons from going on the path of terrorism and offering it. He said, separatism and terrorism have to be stopped. We took steps for this in Jammu and Kashmir. He will continue to take steps that are appropriate for the nation. Why does the Congress have objections to the national interest. Whatever happens, my government will continue to take whatever steps are necessary in the interest of the country.

He raised the Rafale issue at the rally and asked the people to agree on it. The PM asked people questions, when the first Rafael came, did you increase your confidence or not. He also discussed the Kartarpur Corridor case. He said that the Kartarpur corridor is nearing completion. We were fortunate to rectify the political and strategic lapses that occurred seven decades ago.

Earlier, when he reached the stage of the rally, the pandals echoed with Modi’s slogans. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal and MP Naib Saini welcomed Modi by presenting a conch. BJP MP Sanjay Bhatia and BJP candidates from 17 assembly constituencies are also present on the platform of the rally organized in the theme park of Kurukshetra.

At the rally, CM Maneharlal said that terrorism of Kashmir was not being stopped, but now the removal of Article 370 will stop the incidents of martyrdom of soldiers. South Haryana is a major center for Bajra crop. We have got a big relief under the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme. Earlier, the farmer did not get anything due to the disaster, but now he gets compensation of 20 to 25 thousand rupees per acre. Will make Haryana the hub of sports.

Women present in Kurukshetra rally.

Said- for 70 years the water of the rivers of India is going to Pakistan, we will stop it soon

Earlier in the Dadri rally, PM Modi said, the water for the rights of farmers of Hindustan and Haryana has been going to Pakistan for 70 years. Now this water will stop your Modi and bring it to your home. This water is the right of Hindustan and work is being done to stop it. Soon, farmers of our rivers going to Pakistan will get water.

Article again besieges Congress, challenge to promise to bring it back

Modi remember the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. He said that we have liberated the country from Article 370. He said, let the Congress people abuse me as much, but do not speak against the country. If the Congress is confident, say once that they will bring back Article 370 which came to power. He said that such talkative party should get lessons and punishment. He asked the people to reply to these people on the day of polling on 21 October. It is possible to take decisions like 370 in the national interest when the loyalty of governments is unwavering.

Expenses and slips in jobs closed in Haryana, jobs getting merit without recommendation

He said that there has been a big change in Haryana today. No recommendation, no leader, no spender, no slip. There has been a big change in Haryana in the last few years. Expense and slip are closed. Youngsters get appointment letters without recommendation. He thanked the Chief Minister and his team for all the MLAs. He said that he praised the Manohar government.

Modi said that now there is appreciation for merit and merit has a place. My Valid Candidate Finish Now Merit Candidate Will Run. Now it is important to have a son from Haryana instead of someone’s nephew. The uniformly merited candidates across Haryana will take Haryana to new heights. For the last 50 to 60 years, the people whose shop was running is now closing. When corruption matters open, the Congress bubbles begin to burst. The looter of the country is brought to the prison door.

Said, women should vote more than men on October 21

He said that he used to tell me if Modi has proof then show it. Now shown. The money they dabble is yours. Modi is in the field to protect your rights. BJP government of Haryana or we of the Center are standing shoulder to shoulder. On October 21, women of Haryana have to vote more than men.

He said, he ran schemes for livestock farmers. Modi is talking about the barn. Modi is talking about laborers. Talking of changing the fortunes of the village. We focused on cattle and livestock. Launched new schemes for the health of the farmer and healthy animals for the health of the farmer.

Earlier, after reaching the stage of the rally, people welcomed him with slogans. Modi blessed Babita Fougat with a hand on her head. He began his address with Bharat Mata Ki Jai. PM Modi started his speech in Haryanavi. He said that first of all the elder brother Bahna did Jai Ram Ram Ji. Tam came and left all the work. Mane is very happy to see Thara so much love.

He said that there used to be long lines for kerosene in Haryana. I have been witness to it. Now it has been liberated. Attacked malnutrition, said the achievements of the government. We are taking steps towards taking care of the woman during pregnancy. Decided to leave women with salary for six months after becoming mothers. Made an important announcement in the budget. Apart from their savings, a provision was made to give up to five thousand rupees from the bank to women belonging to self-help groups. Now neither the jewel will have to be mortgaged nor will it fall. The farm barn and the playground are interconnected. When it comes together, no nation can stay behind.

He said that the Fit India campaign of youth was started. Effort is to get maximum involvement in youth sports

Specifically mentioning Babita Phogat, the Prime Minister said that the players are associated with us. Players like Babita are joining the BJP today. He also referred to the film Dangal on the life of Babita Fougat.

He said, I have been going to different parts of Haryana for two days. The people of Haryana have decided and the BJP government is going to be formed again. He said that I salute the virtuous earth of Rao Tula Ram. He mentioned his association with Haryana. I do not come to Haryana to ask for votes, it pulls me. When I used to see work in Dadri, Jhajjar, Mahendragarh etc. there would hardly be any worker whose house has not gone.

He said that I have got an opportunity to work with Ramesh Joshi, Dadri’s son. New medical colleges and logistics hubs are being built. Development accelerated by double engine in Haryana. Modi’s engine in the center and Manohar’s engine in the state. The people of Haryana are stamping on it. BJP worker and your blessings are going to form government. Modi thanked the public for the support received in the Lok Sabha. I salute all people including Dadri for the blessings given 4 months ago.

Modi indicated to do more rallies in Haryana. He said, I would like to rally more now.

Your blessings put an end to the divisive politics. In the last 5 years, we have built a new India on the foundation of development. Our villages are giving impetus to social change happening in the country. Villages all over the country including Haryana have become defecation free. A strong foundation of development has been laid in five decades. Strong building work has already started on this.

She discussed the steps and plans for the upliftment of women. He said that if the villages of Haryana do not come forward then save daughter and teach daughter would not be so successful. The ends of our chori are less. Our Haryana daughters are dhakaad. The daughters of Haryana are Dhakad. The world is speaking and experiencing this. He said that this Diwali will celebrate the victory of BJP. Two Deepavali have come. Deepawali should be in the name of daughters. The daughters and sisters of our country should be taken care of at all levels.

He was welcomed by BJP leaders at the rally venue. The Prime Minister shook hands and accepted the greetings of the people. State and local leaders are present on the stage. The stage and rally venue are beautifully decorated. Tight security has been put in place at the rally site and the surrounding area. People have been allowed to go to the rally venue only after rigorous investigation.

The famous female wrestler Dangal Girl Babita Faugat from the Dadri assembly seat is a BJP candidate. Babita Faugat made a passionate appeal to the people. He said that I sincerely hope that the people of the area will not disappoint the daughter of the family. State Education Minister Rambilas Sharma said that if Rohtak MP Dr. Arvind Sharma is seen, then the entire BJP comes into the Congress’s mind. Ram Bilas Sharma said that Babita Faugat is fortunate that the Prime Minister is coming to Dadri.

A large number of people are present at the rally venue. BJP candidates from 17 assembly constituencies are present in the rally. Rohtak MP Arvind Sharma reached the podium. Several leaders including Union Minister Narendra Tomar, MP Dharambir Singh, Sikar MP Swami Sumedhanand are present on the platform. After Dadri, the Prime Minister will address a public meeting in Kurukshetra. Tight security arrangements have been made at both the rally places. The rally has started at the venue since morning. The Prime Minister addressed the rally in Ballabhgarh on Monday. BJP candidate Babita Phogat is addressing the rally right now.

In this rally, the Prime Minister will seek votes for the BJP candidates from Babita as well as other assembly constituencies of Charkhi Dadri and Bhiwani district. A huge pandal has been built in Dadri for the rally and there is strict security in the entire rally venue and the surrounding area. A heavy police force has been deployed around the rally site and also since morning. Vehicles are being allowed to go only after rigorous checking.

The rally venue is decorated with BJP flags and posters. The entire site is painted in saffron. Instead of cutting the trees of Khejri (Jati) standing in front of the main stage built for the rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they have been decorated in BJP colors.

PM Modi emphasized on women empowerment. He said that the top priority of our government is to promote the health, self-respect, safety and empowerment of the sisters. The cleanliness campaign facilitated the sisters and increased self-esteem. Ujjwala Yojana got rid of smoke and saved time. The PM said that in Haryana, he himself has been witness to how the line for kerosene was used, but now there is no line. Gas cylinder has reached the house.

The PM said that during the maternity period, our mothers and sisters working in the government and companies are now getting a support of six thousand rupees. It has been decided to leave the job with a salary of up to six months. Important steps have also been taken for empowerment and self-employment of daughters. This provision has been made in this budget. Women can borrow up to five thousand rupees from the bank. Women can avail loans up to one lakh directly from the bank under the Mudra scheme. The government is taking many similar steps, so that the participation of daughters in nation building can be increased.

Modi said that patriotism, manpower and austerity are full of the land of Haryana. Unprecedented efforts are being made for sports and players. Children are being identified at the village level with the Khelo India campaign. Haryana is benefiting a lot from this. This is the reason that many celebrities like Beti Babita Faugat are joining BJP. The PM said that when he visited China recently, the President there told him that he had seen the Dangal movie. The Chinese President said that he was stunned to see how your daughters do amazing.


Congress is surrounded by these issues

If the withdrawal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir benefits the people of Valmiki, Dalits and backward classes, then what is the objection of the Congress in this.

No matter how much the Congress opposes it, the work of making schemes for the welfare of poor and deprived people will not stop.

  • The country is immortal. Elections keep on coming. Congress people should think that the country is bigger than any issue.
  • Congress also has a problem on the campaign of Clean India. The Congress is troubled when India receives the cleanliness award.
  • On the day of Dussehra, when India got Rafael, the Congress people suffered the most.

Prime Minister Modi came to Haryana and assured to fulfill the dream of a pucca house of every poor, forced and needy person by 2022. Modi said that Haryana and Central Government are working together in this direction. The Central Government’s effort is also to make Haryana a hub of sports. Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, every farmer will be given a pension of three thousand rupees on completion of 60 years of age.

Central government will celebrate the light festival of Guru Nanak Dev in a grand way

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried his best to win the trust of the Sikhs on the soil of Haryana. In Kurukshetra, Modi said that the entire country is celebrating the 550th Prakash Parv of Guru Nanak Dev. To give it a grand appearance, the Central Government is making full preparations. The work of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor is also being completed now. We have corrected the strategic lapses in the country 70 years ago. The light festival of this time will bring all the happiness.

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