President Rule: Preparation for presidential rule from governor in Maharashtra: Report to the Home Department


President Rule: Preparation for presidential rule from governor in Maharashtra: Report to the Home Department: The power of establishment of power in Maharashtra is unresolved. As a result, it is learned that Governor Bhagat Singh Koshihari has recommended the President’s rule.

The governors have invited the third largest party, the Nationalist Congress Party, to establish power. His term ends at 8:30 pm. Earlier, the Governor has recommended the President’s rule in the state. In this regard, DD News, a government news channel, has telecast the news.

The general secretary Ashutosh Kumbakoni met Governor Koshiyari at the palace this morning to meet the governor. Kumbhkoni entered Raj Bhavan by a private car. After that, there was a long discussion between the Kumbhkoni Governor Legal issues regarding the imposition of presidential rule were discussed.

Today, if NCP shows inability to establish power till evening, presidential rule is likely to be implemented in the state. A report has also been sent to the Central Home Department in this regard. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Brazil, while earlier decisions are expected in this regard. Today, a Cabinet meeting has been convened on Tuesday.

Congress criticizes

Congress leader Sachin Sawant on Twitter for his role as governor. On the other hand, senior Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan has also expressed his displeasure over the role of governor. He also wanted to invite the Congress to establish power, Chavan said.

Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, the governor who will challenge the Shiv Sena , had given the BJP 48 hours to establish power. The next day, the Shiv Sena was invited to establish power. However, they were only given a 24-hour period.

Shiv Sena was angry with this. The Shiv Sena had sought more time to mobilize the majority. But, the Governor invited the Shiv Sena to establish power without extending the deadline. Shiv Sena had yesterday announced a petition in the court.

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