Shiv Sena adamant on CM post, NCP can become BJP’s trouble


Shiv Sena adamant on CM post, NCP can become BJP’s trouble: In Maharashtra, the tussle between BJP and Shiv Sena for the post of Chief Minister continues. The key to Maharashtra’s power is currently visible in the NCP’s hands. In such a situation, with whom Sharad Pawar should stand in BJP or Shiv Sena, the throne of power is his.

Despite this, all leaders from Sharad Pawar to NCP agree to sit in opposition more than forming a government. If the NCP stays on its stand, then there will be no other option but to form a government with the BJP, with the Shiv Sena nearby.

Explain that Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, in a clear and strong tone, warned his ally BJP in Maharashtra, “It should not be more or less than what was decided with Amit Shah and Devendra Fadnavis in the Lok Sabha elections.” I don’t want even one particle more than that. However, the Shiv Sena has not opened its cards to the post of Deputy CM yet.

Shiv Sena is still standing on its stand for the post of Chief Minister. Shiv Sena leaders have clearly said that 50-50 formula was not implemented in seat sharing due to any reasons, but now the BJP will have to accept the matter of the Chief Minister for two-and-a-half years in the sharing of power. This is the reason that even after 4 days of the results, the initiative has not been taken by the NDA to form a government in Maharashtra. Whereas in Haryana, the BJP has formed the government together with JJP due to the lack of majority.

NCP as Kingmaker

At the same time, NCP chief Sharad Pawar blamed Shiv Sena’s aspirations by saying that his party did not have the option to form a government in Maharashtra, so he would sit in opposition as per the mandate. On the question of supporting the Shiv Sena, Pawar said, ‘We have no such option. People have ordered us to sit in opposition. We accept the mandate. Along with Sharad Pawar, NCP leader Praful Patel also made it clear that he would prefer to sit in the opposition than go with the Shiv Sena.

50-50 formula in power of Maharashtra

Out of 288 assembly seats in Maharashtra, BJP has got 105 seats, Shiv Sena 56, NCP 54, Congress 44 and others 29 seats. In this way, the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance has majority figures, but the matter is still stuck due to the screwed up on the CM post.

The formula of 50-50 in Maharashtra’s power is not new. In 1999, BJP leader Gopinath Munde gave this formula to Shiv Sena, but Shiv Sena did not agree then. In such a situation, a coalition government could not be formed. This time the condition of 50-50 has been kept by Shiv Sena and now BJP does not seem to agree on it.

NCP should not spoil Shiv Sena’s game

If the NCP continues to hold the statement of sitting in the Opposition, then the Shiv Sena’s Chief Minister’s post may revolt. In such a situation, there will be no other option but to form a government with the BJP, because the Congress does not have enough number of MLAs to support the Shiv Sena on its own and form a government. Shiv Sena can form government in Maharashtra only due to Congress-NCP. In such a situation, NCP is talking about sitting in opposition instead of forming a government. In such a situation, it is to see which situation the state of Maharashtra sits on.

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