Till Diwali, a lot of auspicious yoga is being done, know the auspicious time of shopping : Everyone loves the festival of Diwali. In such a situation, there was Karva Chauth on October 17, in which Suhagan women keep a fast for Saj Sanvarkar Karva Chauth. In such a situation, shopping of new things, start of new work, purchase of house and vehicle starts and now auspicious auspicious occasions of shopping are being made almost every single day in the coming 10 days. Yes, in fact, this time there will be many opportunities for shopping for new things and between 21 to 27 October, in 7 days, many special auspicious and auspicious yoga are coming, which are considered very auspicious. Let us tell you that on October 21 it is Ahoi Ashtami and on the day, Siddhi Yoga is being formed with Som Pushya Nakshatra. With this, Pushya Nakshatra and Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is on 22 October and both Pushya Nakshatra and Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga are very auspicious. In such a time, Akshay gives new shopping and new work. So let’s know Pushya Nakshatra and Dhanteras and Sarvartha Siddhi.

Pushya Nakshatra – Pushya Nakshatra is going to be from 5.30 in the evening of 21 October to 4.40 in the evening of 22 October and shopping of car, house, shop, gold, utensils will be auspicious in this nakshatra.

Dhanteras and Sarvartha Siddhi on 25th and 26th October – Let us tell you that Karthik is the Dhanteras on the Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha and there is a tradition of making new purchases on Dhanteras. With this, whatever new thing is purchased on this day, it increases up to 13 times. On the other hand, according to astrology, on October 25, the Trayodashi will start at 7.08 am on Friday and will continue till 3.47 pm on Saturday, October 26 and there is also Sarvadhi Siddhi Yoga on Dhanteras, hence the importance of shopping and worship increases on this day. Till Diwali, a lot of auspicious yoga is being done, know the auspicious time of shopping

Date auspicious yoga shopping

  • 17 October Karva Chauth Jewelry
  • 18 October Rohini Nakshatra Jewelery Made of Diamonds
  • 19 October Ravi Yoga Electronic goods, vehicles
  • 20 October Ravi Yoga Decorative Accessories
  • 21 October Pushya – Sarvartha Siddhi Silver, Pottery Purchased
  • 22 October Pushya, Sarvartha Siddhi land, purchase of house
  • 25 October Dhanteras, Sarvartha Siddhi Gold silverware and coins, all kinds of goods,
  • 27 October Deepawali gold-silver, coins, Lakshmi statue

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