INDvSA: Vikram Rathore gave a strong message to young batsmen – play fearlessly and not recklessly


INDvSA: Vikram Rathore gave a strong message to young batsmen – play fearlessly and not recklessly

Team India’s new batting coach Vikram Rathore has said some important things before the second T20 International of the three-match series against South Africa. He said that a clear message has been given by the team management to the young batsmen that there is a line between fearless (fearless) cricket and careless (careless) cricket and all of them should take care of it. Young wicketkeeper batsman Rishabh Pant has been in the news for some time due to his irresponsible shots.INDvSA: Vikram Rathore gave a strong message to young batsmen – play fearlessly and not recklessly

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The second T20 International match of the three-match series between India and South Africa is to be played in Mohali on Wednesday (18 September). Prior to this match, he said, ‘Many times we focus too much on technics. Mindset matters more at this level, you have to see your gameplan correctly. As far as Rishabh Pant is concerned, he is a great player, he just needs to work on his gameplan. He needs to bring some discipline in his game.

‘There is a difference between fearless and careless cricket’

He added, ‘All young batsmen need to understand that there is a fine line between fearless cricket and careless cricket. The team management is asking them to play fearless cricket, you cannot be careless. I hope he is smart enough to understand this. ‘ Recently, Virat Kohli said that no young cricketer should expect more than five chances at this level. To this Vikram Rathore said, “They (Kohli and Head Coach Ravi Shastri) have said five matches, but this is not a specific number. He meant to say that when you get a chance, take advantage of it. The young cricketer has played a lot of cricket. They have reached here by playing very well. I don’t think that’s a big issue. The team is backing them completely.

‘We want them to openly play shots’

Regarding Pant, Rathore said, ‘We want him to play all his shots freely. This thing makes him stand apart. He is an impactful player but he cannot be careless. ‘ With Shreyas Iyer and Manish Pandey getting a chance to return to the middle-order, Rathore was asked if the two would be able to overcome India’s middle-order problem. To this, Rathore said, ‘I want both to take advantage of this opportunity. Both are very good cricketers and have also done well in domestic cricket. I am confident that both of them will make a good comeback. They just need to be more consistent. ‘

‘Upcoming 20-21 matches will be important’

Team India has already started preparations for next year’s ICC World Twenty20. Captain Virat Kohli has already made it clear that he needs depth in batting, in such a way, the expectations from all-rounder Kunal Pandya and Washington Sundar are increased. Rathore said on this, ‘We have so many all-rounders in the T20 team and it is very good for the team. We have not taken the T20 seriously in the recent past, but now we have started preparing for the ICC World Twenty20. The upcoming 20-21 matches will be very important for us. If the batting is deep, then we can bat fast from the beginning. We will keep doing some different experiments in these matches and see how it works for us.

‘My debut match washed away in the rain’

On his new role, Vikram Rathore said, ‘It’s too early. I was laughing that my debut match was washed away in the rain and that too on my home ground. Punjab is also home ground for me. Between 2012 and 2016 I have been a part of the National Selection System. This time my work is different. Coaching is something that I enjoy. It will take me some time to get used to it. ‘

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