Ravindra Jadeja did something that trend started on Twitter, #rajputboys, know the whole matter

When it becomes trendy on Twitter, it cannot be said. #Rajputboy is trending right now. Twitter users are showing that the Rajputs are less than anyone by sharing the heroic story of Rajputs. Trending is understandable, but what is the real reason behind it? So let us tell you that #rajputboy is trending only because of Team India’s all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja. Actually, in lockdown where everyone is trying to do something new.

At the same time, Jadeja also posted a video of his. In the video, he is seen fencing. If you have seen Jadeja celebrating after great batting, then you will understand what the two have in common. In this 17-second video, Jadeja showed swordsmanship and also wrote, ‘A sword may lose its luster, but is always loyal to its owner’. This video of Ravindra Jadeja is being well liked. While many people have praised his skill, some have also criticized it. Anyway, criticism comes on its own with praise.

On this video, former England captain Michael Vaughan has made fun of Jadeja. Vaughan reacted, writing, ‘Your lawn mower needs rockstar’. However, Jadeja has given an equally strong answer to this. He said, “Yes, but I don’t know how to cut it.” Corona virus is the effect ‘. Similarly, former journalist Dilip Mandal has also targeted Jadeja.

He wrote, ‘Only AAP heroes had the right to keep the sword in the varna system. Can you tell who you defeated with your sword in history? I give the option 1. Ghajini, Ghori, 2. Ghulam Dynasty, 3. Khilji Dynasty, 4. Tughlaq Dynasty, 5. Lodhi Dynasty, 6. Maratha, 7. Englishmen, I wish you guys had the swords right! Many other users also crowned the Indian cricketer in their own style. However, there was no shortage of people who like him. Due to this likes and dislikes, #rajputboy started trending on Twitter. For a long time it continued to trend at number three and thousands of tweets were tweeted on this hashtag.

In the hashtag #rajputboy, people are posting posts showing the bravery of Rajputs. Some have also posted a photo of Ravindra Jadeja with the Prime Minister and a video of his fencing with the bat on the cricket field. Also, some users have also tweeted their photos. Overall, this hashtag is an answer to those who are targeting him on Jadeja’s video. It is fair that Jadeja will be very happy on this success of his video.

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