Rohit Sharma could not withstand the ball, this 19 year old boy became famous without playing any international match: An anonymous boy has become an overnight star after he duped two legendary cricketers of the Indian team. After losing two big batsmen Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan, this boy is getting the love of people on social media. As such, even the best bowlers around the world are tired of dismissing Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan in big matches. The bowler misses the bat in front of his batting, but this boy has duped both the batsmen. This boy is being called a rising star in cricket.

Both of India’s team fell prey to the 19-year-old bowler when the net practice was going on. Its video is also going viral on social media. In fact, right-handed medium pacer Keshav Dabas was bowling to Indian players before the match. Keshav would not have thought that having these two batsmen bowling before the T20 match against Bangladesh on Sunday, November 3 at Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium would make them an overnight star.

Ravi Shastri praised the controversy – Keshav was also praised by former Indian BCCI President and cricketer Ravi Shastri. After this Keshav became very much discussed. Shikhar Dhawan also encouraged him. Also, cricketer Shardul Thakur wanted to know which club he plays for. Keshav got into the trend on social media. Keshav is happy with the response of big cricketers like this.

Who is this 19 year old boy – People started knowing about Keshav. After all, who is from where? So let us tell you that Keshav is from Delhi. Keshav Surendra Khanna represents the Academy. He has also played the Under 19 match for the Delhi team. He is the youngest in his family. In June this year, his father died due to brain stroke. Despite the financial crisis in the family, his elder sister and brother support him in cricket. He intends to bowl as fast as possible. He said, ‘That is why I am playing cricket. There is still a long way to go. Hopefully my dream will come true one day. ‘

The net bowler of the Australian team – Keshav Dabas got the opportunity to bowl to Indian cricketers for the first time. Earlier this year, he was the official net bowler for the Australian team that visited India earlier this year.

Shikhar and Rohit both – It was not a big cricket match nor did it happen in any international or domestic match, but both of these batsmen have done this during net practice. Keshav is a young bowler who has not played any domestic cricket yet. During net practice, Keshav fiercely overshadowed both Rohit and Shikhar. Then as soon as he dismissed Shikhar and Rohit, people started searching for him and getting to know him.

Both batsmen did not bush Sr. Pantanti – This happened during practice when both batsmen did not bury any Sr. Panthi on Keshav. Once the ball hit Rohit’s bat and fell down there. Rohit picks up the ball and throws it towards Keshav. By the way, a new bowler from senior players has little hope of such gentle behavior. He could not understand how Keshav reacted to his success. On his success, Keshav said, “This is a great feeling … I can’t understand what to say now.” Keshav is very happy.

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