IPL 2020: IPL will start from May 24, watch 12 finals in 6 days


IPL 2020: IPL will start from May 24, watch 12 finals in 6 days

The months of April and May in India are full of the thrill of cricket, as it has been happening through the Indian Premier League or IPL for the last 12 years. IPL occurs on most occasions in April and May. This was the reason that the final of the 13th season of IPL was also to be played on 24 May 2020, but the corona virus devastated and the world of cricket got its brakes.

The IPL 2020 was to begin on March 29 and the final match of this season was to be held on May 24, but now the league has been postponed indefinitely. However, you can still enjoy IPL historical matches. Star Sports Network has prepared for this. Even if you do not watch the final match of IPL 2020 on May 24, but on the same day you will be shown the two finalists of IPL on different channels of Star Sports.

Actually, live cricket is not possible due to corona virus. In such a situation, Star Sports has decided to show the finals of the last 12 seasons of IPL. You will be able to watch two IPL finals every day from 24 May to 29 May on Star Sports channels. In this way, the boom of IPL is going to start from May 24, in which you will be shown the final match of IPL 2019 and IPL 2018 on the first day.

Two IPL finals will be broadcast on the day on Star Sports. The first IPL final of the day can be watched at 11 am and the second IPL final from 3 pm. In this way, from May 24 to May 29, a total of 12 finals of IPL will be seen in 6 days, in which there have been many matches in which teams have won by a close margin. Even in the final of IPL 2019, Mumbai won by one run.

All 12 finalists of IPL on Star Sports Network

24 May 2020

  • IPL 2019 Final – 11 AM
  • IPL 2018 Final – 3 PM

25 May 2020

  • IPL 2017 Final – 11 AM
  • IPL 2016 Final – 3 PM

26 May 2020

  • IPL 2015 Final – 11 AM
  • IPL 2014 Final – 3 PM

27 May 2020

  • IPL 2013 Final – 11 AM
  • IPL 2012 Final – 3 PM

28 May 2020

  • IPL 2011 Final – 11 AM
  • IPL 2010 Final – 3 PM

29 May 2020

  • IPL 2009 Finals – 11 am
  • IPL 2008 Finals – 3 PM

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