Ishant Sharma played book cricket Virat Kohli and KL Rahul comment on it

During the lockdown in India many cricketers are showing their artwork on social media. Some are sharing dance videos and some have become artists. In view of this, 31-year-old Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma posted a video on Twitter in which he is seen sitting on the steps of the house with the first ball in hand. He then goes to his room wearing a helmet and gloves and bat in his hand and sits on a chair.

He then starts playing book cricket in which a page of a book is opened without looking and the last number on the page is considered a run. At the same time, zero is considered out. When Ishant opened the book for the first time, number 8 came out, second time also number 8 came out, so he got 16 runs in total.

He is dismissed for opening the book for the third time i.e. the last number on his page is zero. The video was so funny that Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and batsman Lokesh Rahul also could not live without giving their response. Virat writes laughing at this, Abe, what has happened to you? At the same time, Rahul writes, please do not bat.

Responding to Rahul, Ishant wrote that my batting is better than your fast bowling. At the same time, while answering Virat’s comment, Ishant wrote that I am quarantined.

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