Football Club Accused Of Raping Girl, Learn Matter


Football Club Accused Of Raping Girl, Learn Matter : New Delhi: A Belgian football club has been severely accused. Players from this Belgian club have been accused of sex scandals. Not only this, the players have also been made sensational allegations of making a sex tape of the victim girl. A video of players of this club named Espor Mineiros is going viral on social media in which he is seen raping a girl without clothes at a time. In the video, this girl is seen walking on the floor without clothes while in the other video some players are seen having sex with her on the bench.

The mother of the girl present in the video said in an interview that her daughter was drunk at the time of the incident and she wants to take the matter to court so that the truth is revealed. After the complaint of the girl’s family, a criminal case has been registered. At the same time, a player present in the bar confessed to the Belgian media that what happened was wrong. After registering the complaint, the police said, “At the moment we only know that many players were involved in it, but there is no information about the whole incident.” We will do a full investigation. After the incident, the club has banned some players, while one player has been dropped from the team for 11 months. Football Club Accused Of Raping Girl, Learn Matter

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