Kerala Blasters vs FC Goa

Kerala Blasters vs FC Goa: Sahal and Prashant in first XI: Will Kerala Blasters win in Kochi?: Kerala Blasters launches against Goa Malayali stars Sahal Abdus Samad and Prashant will play in front of their fans in Kochi. Ogbecha and Messi Bowl will play in the lead.

Nothing short of a victory will please the Blasters fans. Trainer Elko Shatori also says that the win will change the game and the circumstances. But the question remains as to how long the blasters will be able to sustain the injury.

After the win in the first match, Kerala lost by three runs and a draw. Goa, meanwhile, is saddened by the suspension of two players, including Ahmed Jah. The kickoff is at 7 pm at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kaloor.

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