La Liga Football League will start on this day, the Prime Minister announced


La Liga Football League will start on this day, the Prime Minister announced

La Liga Football League: The corona virus epidemic caused uproar in the sports world. Not only at the international level, but the domestic games also could not be held for two-three months, but now the sports are returning on track after the corona virus stopped. Cricket and football leagues have started in many places. Spain’s Famous Football League La Liga is also going to start in this list, which has been officially announced.

Spain’s football league La Liga starts on June 8 amid Corona virus. The Prime Minister himself has given information about the launch of La Liga again. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Saturday that La Liga will begin on 8 June. In this way, the Games will start in Spain after three months, because all the tournaments in Spain have been closed since 12 March and thus the sports industry has suffered a lot.

Since, Corona virus has caused a lot of devastation in Spain. In such a situation, the organizers have decided that the remaining matches of this league will be held behind closed doors i.e. without spectators. In such a situation, people will be able to enjoy live football matches through live broadcasting, because the situation is still not good in Spain. Spain remains in the top 5 among the countries affected by the Corona virus, as a large number of people have died here.

Talking about Spain, more than 2 lakh 52 thousand cases have been associated with Corona virus, out of which more than 28 thousand 6 hundred people have died. Although one and a half million people have recovered from the Corona virus in Spain, cases are still being reported here. At the same time, more than 52 lakh people worldwide have fallen prey to it, of which more than 3 lakh 39 thousand people have lost their lives.

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