ICC World Cup Final Winner 2019: England Won 2019 Final for 1st Time and New Zealand won Heart, Read full match details


ICC World Cup Final Winner 2019: England Won 2019 Final for 1st Time and New Zealand won Heart, Read full match details

ICC World Cup Final Winner 2019: England Won 2019 Final for 1st Time and New Zealand won Heart, Read full match details: London’s historic cricket stadium Lords, people who call cricket’s mecca This field again witnessed the final of the World Cup. For the fifth time, the World Cup final was held in Lord’s, which will be called the most exciting final match in the history of cricket.

In the final of the World Cup 2019, England defeated New Zealand by superluck and England won the World Cup title. The final of the 12th season of the World Cup got tie first. The result was to get out in the superover but the superover was also tied. In this way, England were declared winners on the basis of the rules of imposing the boundary more in the match.

England became the world champion for the first time in the fourth World Cup final. Although the finals were won by England, the New Zealand team won the hearts of the World Cup trophy for the second consecutive time. In the semi-finals, World Cup 2019’s biggest contender reached the New Zealand team final by defeating Team India. England have beaten Luck here.

In the final, New Zealand fought till the last ball. Earlier, batting first, scored 824 and scored 241 runs. After defending 241 runs, the New Zealand team piled up the English team for 241 runs and the result turned out to be a superover. However, super overs were also tied with 15-15, but the match remained in favor of England. In such a situation, the team, led by Ken Williamson, lost to the title.

What happened in the final match?

The World Cup final match between England and New Zealand has been tied after the equal runs. New Zealand first scored 241 runs. At the same time, England scored 241 runs following the target of 242 runs. In this way the match got tie and now the result will be out in the super over.

England’s chasing target of 242 runs was to score 15 runs in the last over to win their first title. However, New Zealand fast bowler Trent Bolt scored 14 runs. In this way the match was leveled and the match went into super over. Both teams will play 6-6 balls in Super Over, who will score more runs, they will win.

New Zealand and England landed for their first World Cup title on the historic grounds of Lord’s in Lords. New Zealand captain Ken Williamson won the toss and elected to bat In this way, New Zealand made 241 runs by losing eight wickets thanks to Henri Nichols’s half-century. At the same time, England made all the wickets of Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler, losing all wickets, scored 241 in 50 overs and the match was tie.

The adventures of such a super over in Final

Jose Butler and Ben Stokes came in to bat in Super Over from England. Ben Stokes scored 3 runs for the first ball. Jos Buttler scored 1 in the second ball. After this Ben Stokes scored the fourth ball on the third ball. Then Stokes made a run on the fourth ball. Butler took 2 for the fifth ball. Butler’s bat came out on the last ball. In this way, both of them scored 15 runs, which included two fours.

In reply to 16 runs, New Zealand’s Jimmy Neesham and Martin Guptill came to bat. The bowl command was in the hands of Jopra Archer. Joe Frottie bowled the first ball wide. After this, Neesham scored two runs on the first ball and hit six on the second ball. After this, two to two runs in the third and fourth balls. Then, on the fifth ball, Neesham took a run. In this way, the last ball was needed for two runs but Martin Guptill got run out before the second run and the match was tie.

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