Super Over Boundary Dispute: ICC entrusted to Anil Kumble to find solution


Super Over Boundary Dispute: ICC entrusted to Anil Kumble to find solution: The Cricket Committee headed by former India captain Anil Kumble will discuss issues related to the World Cup finals, including the boundary rule in its next meeting. This information was given by the International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket General Manager Geoff Alardice.

Elardice said in an interview

Elardice said in an interview, “In the event of a match tie in the ICC tournaments since 2009, the Super Over (instead of the ball-out) is being used to decide the winner. After the Super Over was also tie, the result of the match was to be found in the same match on the basis of something. That is why it was always connected to the number of boundaries in that match. ”

England won the World Cup title for the first time on 14 July by defeating New Zealand on the basis of much boundary in the final match played at Lord’s. Super over was supported after the match tie, but after a match tie in Super Over, England were declared the winner due to 22 boundaries and two sixes, while the New Zealand team could only have 17 boundaries.

Boundary rule in T20

Eldarde said, “The boundary rule is used when there is a super-over tie in almost all T20 leagues around the world. We also wanted to use the same super over rules, which are used in all professional cricket. This is the reason that it was implemented like this. It could have been different from that, our cricket committee would consider it.’

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