Aarogya Setu and Corona Kavach Top 5 Features


Aarogya Setu and Corona Kavach Top 5 Features

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Corona virus continues to battle throughout the world. In India too, every effort is being made to prevent infection of COVID-19. Government of India has released Facebook, WhatsApp chatbot, helpline numbers. Apart from this, many such apps have also been launched in the country from which the corona virus can be tracked.

There are two such apps AAarogya Setu and Corona Kavach – both these apps use smartphone data to track the user’s location. Both of these apps match the location data of the user with the data of the corona patients present with the government to tell whether he has come in contact with any corona infected person. Let us tell you the top features of both these apps …

Features of Aarogya Setu App

With the help of your mobile number, Bluetooth and location data, this app detects whether you are safe or you are at risk of infection.

If you want to become a Volunteer to help fight Corona, then you can enroll for it here too.

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Based on your location details and social graph, the Aarogya Setu app will tell which category you are in low-risk or high-risk. If you are on high-risk, the app will also alert you to visit the test center.

The Aarogya Setu app gives a complete list of phone numbers of help centers designed to fight specific corona virus infections in different states.

In the Aarogya Setu app, you have also been given the option of self assessment test. Here you will have to answer easy questions and you will know whether you are at risk of corona infection or you are safe.

Features of Corona Kavach app

On the first screen in the Coron Kavach app, you get to know how many cases of Corona virus have been reported in the country so far. Apart from the deaths from Korna, the number of people infected in the world also tells this app.

Breathing exercise is also an option to detect respiratory problems in the app.

Corona Kavach’s app has a questionnaire in which questions are asked which help to detect corona infection.

There is a code green in the app, which indicates that you are safe from corona and there is no risk.

There is a timer button in the Corona Kavach app, and when clicked, the app tracks the location for 1 hour.

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