BHIM App: Biggest break in BHIM App data? More than 70 lakh users claim data leaked

BHIM App: Biggest break in BHIM App data? More than 70 lakh users claim data leaked

BHIM app is Bharat Interface for Money Payment App. Crores of people use BHIM app in India but now the personal information of the users is in danger, yes, news of leaks of data related to Bhip app is coming out. According to the report of Israeli cyber security company vpnMentor, data of more than 7 million users has been leaked.

However, on the other hand, the National Payments Corporation of India, or NPCI, has rejected these claims about the data leak. It is also mentioned in the report that 409GB of data has been leaked for the users of Bhima app. The leaked data contained many personal information such as Aadhaar card details, bank records etc.

How data leaked in BHIM App

The vpnMentor report claimed that the data collected by the Bhima app was being stored in the Amazon Web Services S3 bucket and was publicly accessible meaning that anyone could access this data easily.

Sensitive data of millions of Indian Bheem app users was stored in cloud storage without any security protocol on account. The data was stored in the unsecured Amazon Web Services S3 bucket.

For the information of people, let us know that S3 is a form of cloud storage worldwide, but one thing that is worth noting is that developers have to install security protocol on their account.

What information was included in the data

According to vpnMentor, some private documents were leaked through S3 buckets and included cast certificates, Aadhaar card details, Residence proof photos, screenshots of bank apps for fund transfers, etc.

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