Google For India: Google Assistant can now be used without internet and free: There have been many big announcements during the Google For India event held in New Delhi. It is special in this event that now Vodafone Idea customers will be able to use Google Assistant without internet. The company has released a helpline number in association with Voda Idea. By calling this number, customers can get all kinds of information for free.

Google has said that Google Assistant is now used in 80 languages ​​in 30 languages. Google Assistant was launched two years ago in India. Now the phone line Google Assistant has been launched for India.

Google has launched a phone line assistant with Vodafone. You will not have to pay any money for this. For this, no Internet connection will be required. You can get information by calling this number.

This is Google Assistant phone line number – 0008009191000

You can ask any question by calling, just like you ask on the Internet. Here, from the timing of the train, you can ask about any restaurant.


For this, Google has partnered with Vodafone and Idea. Under this, news and weather forecasts can also be known. This is for Hindi and English. Only Vodafone Idea users can use it.

During the event, Google has also announced new changes regarding Google search. The company has added some new features to Google Lens. Now users can translate real time by looking at the content written on a board. Also the translation can be heard live. This feature will be available in three Indian languages.

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