Twitter ceo jack dorseys account hacked posted offensive tweets

Twitter ceo jack dorseys account hacked posted offensive tweets:

  • Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter
  • Account recovered 30 minutes after the hacking.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked on Friday. However, it was recovered after some time. After the account was hacked, hackers also made many objectionable tweets. Also rumored to be a bomb in the office. After the incident, a statement was given by Twitter that we know that Jack Dorsey’s account has been hacked and we are investigating it.

It was also said in the release statement that only after investigation, something can be said about the hackers. It is being ascertained from which country the hackers belong.

Hackers hacked Jack’s account and not only made objectionable tweets but also made racial remarks. Several tweets praising Hitler were also done. Due to the account of Twitter CEO itself, there was a panic and many users raised questions that if the CEO’s account is not secure then how will we be? Users questioned why two step verification did not keep the CEO’s account safe.

Recover after 30 Minutes

After 30 minutes of hacking by Twitter, it was told in the official statement that the control of Dorsey’s account has come back to him. Along with this, it was also said that they did not see any disturbance on their platform.

A Twitter spokesperson said that the rumor of the bomb was also investigated. Just a rumor came out that there was a bomb in the investigation.

In a statement issued by Twitter, it was said that Dorsey’s account is not due to the mess of the platform but due to the telecom company.

Information was given that the account was hacked due to a deficiency in the security of the network provider who had Jack’s account link with the contact number. In such a situation, it becomes easier for hackers to tweet through messages from Victim’s account.

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