Whatsapp Dark Mode save your phone battery, How to Enable Dark Mode on Whatsapp


Whatsapp Dark Mode save your phone battery, How to Enable Dark Mode on Whatsapp: Instant messaging app WhatsApp is adding new features to the app to facilitate its users and dark mode features have been in discussion for a long time. Recently, the company has made this feature available on the beta version and also informed that soon after the testing is complete, its stable update will also be released. At the same time, according to a report, the dark mode feature can play an important role in saving your phone battery.

According to WABetaInfo Report

A report by WABetaInfo informs that along with the dark mode feature of WhatsApp, a battery saver feature will also be introduced, which will automatically turn on the dark mode when the phone is lowered and this will save your phone’s battery . It has been reported in the report that this feature has been given in 2.19.353 beta version of WhatsApp. This battery saver feature is capable of supporting older operating systems besides Android 9.

The WABetaInfo report also states that the dark mode feature in WhatsApp will also provide users with battery saver, light and dark themes. Some news related to the dark theme was also very much discussed in the past. At the same time, a new battery saver of dark mode has come out, which can also prove to be quite useful for users, because often the battery costs more when using the app, and automatically turning on the battery saver will definitely save the battery.

This battery saver is only available in beta version 2.19.353 and there is no need to worry if you are not using this version. The company will release a stable update of this feature soon after the testing is completed. However, no information has been officially given yet. But it is expected that WhatsApp may launch the dark mode feature early next year.

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