Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes want Facebook Divided into Two Parts : On Facebook, the American Federal Trade Commission has imposed a $ 5 billion penalties for lying to Cambridge Anitika Data Breach and users. Mark Zuckerberg has given a yes to pay the money and make a case. At the same time, he has announced a major change in the way he works in privacy and Facebook.

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One thing is being revealed after fines are applied on Facebook. The fact is that Facebook’s co-founder Chris Hughes is also responsible for the historic penalty imposed by the FTC on social media giants Facebook. Together with Chris Hughes, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook. However, there is nothing surprising in this.

What Co Founder thought on Divide

It is not surprising because Facebook Co Founder Chris Hughes had earlier advised to divide Facebook in several parts. Facebook was launched in 2004, and then Chris Hughes was a part of it.

According to Washington Post and NT

A report in The Washington Post and New York Times states that Facebook’s co-founder Chris Hughes has met with the FTC during the investigation and has helped him. Chris Hughes had left Facebook almost 10 years ago and had recently made a statement. In this statement he had said that Facebook should be divided into separate parts.

According to a report by the American newspaper New York Times, in the past few weeks, Chris Hughes has interacted with the FTC, along with two leading entry trust academy, Scott Hemphill and Tim Wu. During this meeting, he kept a possible anti-trust case against Facebook.


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