Google Science Fair 2019: Two Indian students also searched for eco-friendly method of making rubber


Google Science Fair 2019: Two Indian students also searched for eco-friendly method of making rubber: Two Indian students have succeeded in replacing the Google Science Fair 2019 list. These students, under the name of AU Nachiket Kumar and Aman KE, participated in the 9th edition of Google’s Annual Science Fair. Both of these students have been declared winners in the ‘National Geographic Explorer Award’ category. Google organizes Science Fairs every year in which students from all over the world present their ideas and their demonstrations. Ireland’s Fion Ferreira has been given the first prize of this year for his project to remove microplastic from his sea.

Both of Karnataka’s students

Both the winners are residents of Karnataka. Sixteen-year-old Nachiket is a resident of Uppinagade, a small village in Karnataka, while Aman KA also resides in Puttur in Karnataka. Both the students have invented eco-friendly way to prepare and fix rubber. The name of his project was ‘AeroHah Bilimbi – A Natural Coagland for Rubber Latex’ and focused on the method of preparing the rubber eco-friendly and non-harmful environment.

Find the eco-friendly way of making rubber

It is worth noting that at the moment, the rubber acids are added to the rubber latex (thick material made by adding water to the rubber particles) to thicken or thicken the rubber. Both students used the filtered bilimbi extract instead, which is easily available in large amounts. Bilimi is actually a tree found in southern India, whose fruits are very sour. In this way, this method is also eco-friendly.

24 students from 14 countries were selected

24 participants were selected from all participants in the Google Science Fair and included children from 14 countries. These students had worked on issues related to issues such as sustainable development and health. The company said, “We got many great entries associated with different STEM disciplines, which included ways of detecting plant disease from the disease of Ai to new ways of detecting heart disease.”

Beginning from 2011

Google Science Fair was launched in 2011, with children aged 13 to 18 in the world. The winning student gets $ 50,000 education scholarship and travel-based prize from Google.

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