IIT Students Discovery: It will be easier to drive with the new discovery of IIT students: Students of the Indian Institute of Research (IIT) have developed a ‘smart sun visor’ that will remove the hassle of operating a vehicle due to the dazzling sunlight. This device will automatically detect sunlight and help prevent sunlight from reaching the eyes directly.

Chemical engineering students at IIT Gandhinagar have also applied for a patent for this electronic device. This instrument has been named ‘Sun Protect’. ‘Smart Wii’ will be charged from the USB charging point and it will be placed on the car’s dashboard through the suction cup. This machine will have microcontrollers, sensors and electric meters. This device will filter sunlight.

IIT Student Jai Shah and Sauritra Garai

Jai Shah and Sauritra Garai have made this discovery. Sauritra said, this discovery of ours detects sunlight, its position immediately. On the brightest part of the windshield is a small disk filtering the light that stops the driver before sunlight reaches the eyes. The two students demonstrated it in IIT Gandhinagar for the six-week annual summer event ‘Invent @IITGN’.

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