Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Google Doodle: Who was Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plato and how did the invention of stroboscopic


Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Google Doodle: Who was Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plato and how did the invention of stroboscopic: Google today recalled Belgian physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plato on his 218th birthday. Research on visuals by Joseph Antony inspired him to create an instrument called phenakistiscope that led to the birth of cinema. Phenakistiscope created the illusion of a moving image that was necessary for the birth and development of a motion picture. Plato’s father was an artist who specialized in making floral paintings. Plato initially studied law but later studied physiological optics, particularly emphasizing the effect of light and color on the human retina, making him one of the most famous scientists of the 19th century.

His research focused on how images are formed on the retina, given their correct duration, color, and intensity. He built a stroboscopic instrument based on these findings in 1832 in which two disks rotated in opposite directions. The first disc contained small windows in a circle, and the second disc contained pictures of a dancer in a series.

Specialties about Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Platte: (Who Is Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau)

1. Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau was born 1801 in Brussels, Belgium. In 1829, he graduated from Physical and Mathematical Sciences. In 1827 he taught mathematics to children in Brussels and in 1835 became Professor of Physics at Ghent University.

2. Joseph Platte initially studied law, but later he studied physiological optics. In 1832 he invented the Fonkisti scope. Fonkisty scope is something that confuses moving pictures. Later, modern cinema was born from this.

3. He explained in his research how pictures are formed on the retina of our eyes. How long the retina stays on and how the eyes perceive color and depth.

4. Google has also made doodles based on this invention. In the doodle you can see that a disc is rotating.

5. According to Google, Joseph Platte had lost his eyesight. Even after not being able to see, he continued his science work. After enlightened, he enlisted the help of his son and son-in-law.

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