Now run 1 Whatsapp in multiple Mobiles: How Install One Whatsapp in Two Mobiles: WhatsApp can still be used in a single smartphone at a time from one number. That is, an account can not be used in multiple smartphones, but this can happen. According to the report, the instant messaging app is working on WhatsApp UWP (Universal Windows Platform) which will create WhatsApp for multi-platform.

According to a report from WABetainfo, this feature can come only for both Android and iOS. WhatsApp is currently working on the universal Windows platform i.e. UWP, which will be implemented in WhatsApp. The report says, “WhatsApp is also creating a system whereby WhatsApp can be used in more than one device”

This report has also been confirmed that WhatsApp is testing UWP and it is true. This means that users will be given this support after the completion of the testing. After the development and testing, when this feature comes to the user, the experience of using Whatsapp will also change.

According to the report, this feature will allow users to use a WhatsApp account on Android and iPhone. That is, if you are using WhatsApp in the iPhone and you have another Android smartphone, then you will be able to use Whatsapp with the same account on that phone, like Facebook use.

There is currently no information from the company, nor has it been confirmed that Whatsapp is testing it. This report of WABetainfo also states that Facebook’s future infrastructure can be used in WhatsApp too.

WABetainfo has several roomers in this report, and the website which tracks the news of WhatsAppAppe has a list of shares which states that those who have confirmed it earlier have now come to the features. So will soon users be able to use an account in different devices?

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