Reliance Jio Fiber Plan 2019: Reliance JioFiber Annual Plans Get You Free HD or 4K TV, 4K STB and More, Check Jio Fiber Plans:  Reliance Jio had announced to launch its fiber services on 14 August. Today i.e. on 5 September 2019, the tariff of Jio Fiber was also released. After dominating cellular services, Reliance has now made a blistering entry into the optical fiber, cable TV and landline sectors. Yes, Reliance will bring all these three services to your home through its Jio Fiber.

That is, now you will not need three different services, instead you can enjoy broadband, landline phone and cable TV simultaneously by taking just one service. Your question may be that if you take one service instead of three, will your money also be saved? We will find the answer to this question here.

How expensive is cable tv?

If you want to watch cable TV, then you also have to spend at least 100 rupees for free to air channels, in addition to your favorite channels have to pay a separate price. In this way, you have to pay 250 to 500 rupees every month to watch cable TV. This monthly fee is also discounted by 5-10% on the installation of DTH companies’ satellite boxes, but even then your bill is not reduced in the same way as earlier you used to see all the channels for 300 rupees.

Broadband fees have to be paid

Fast internet has become a necessity today. You and all of us have broadband services in our homes so that there is no hindrance in entertainment and work. For this also you have to pay at least Rs 500 per month. In such a low plan, you have to make some compromises with speed.

Landline phone

Landline popularity has steadily decreased as mobile has grown. Despite this, many of us take landline connections to our homes. We all use landline phones for never having network or for long conversations. If we put landline phone at home, then for this also we have to pay a price every month. Every month’s expenditure on landline will be at least 100 rupees.

How much do you spend total

For cable TV, broadband connection and landline phone, you have to spend at least 700 to 1000 rupees every month. Apart from this, the worry of filling different bills of everyone also causes your hair loss. You have to compromise with TV channels and broadband speed. Whereas in Reliance’s Jio Fiber, you get all these services together in one bill and that too at a very economical rate. In the coming time, other companies will also bring similar plans so that their userbase does not shift towards geo fiber.

How much will it cost to Jio fiber

Now let’s talk about live fiber. How much do you have to spend for this? How will the service be, how fast the internet will run, etc.

Reliance has launched Jio Fiber plans in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Titanium categories. While its basic plan will be available for just Rs 699, the maximum for the monthly plan will be Rs 8499. The basic plan will provide 100 GB free data, free voice calls, TV video calling and conference facilities with a speed of 100 Mbps. The second plan is for Rs 849 and it will get 200 GB data free with 100 Mbps speed and all other features will also be present.

500 GB data at 1299

If you are ready to spend around Rs 1300 every month, then under this plan, Reliance is promising to provide 500 GB data with a data speed of 250 Mbps. Apart from this, in the 2499 plan, 1250 GB data will be provided with the speed of 500 Mbps. With the plan of 3999, 2500 GB data will be given with 1 Gbps speed and 5000 GB data will be given with 1 Gbps data speed in the plan of Rs 8499.

Reliance Jio Fiber Plan 2019: Reliance JioFiber Annual Plans Get You Free HD or 4K TV, 4K STB and More, Check Jio Fiber Plans

One time payment of 2500

For Jio Fiber you have to pay 2500 rupees in the first time. It has a security deposit of Rs 1500, which you can withdraw later. Apart from this, there will be a non refundable installation charge of Rs 1000, which you will not get back.

What will be available in welcome offer

Jio has also announced a welcome offer. Under Jio’s Forever Annual plans, you will get subscription of Jio Home Gateway, Jio 4K Set Top Box, TV Set (for Gold Plan or above) and OTT Apps.

Heavy one connection on three

In this way, if you compare Jio fiber with your old landline connection, cable TV connection and broadband connection, then you will get excellent quality, speed services in less money. Don’t forget that you are getting 4K TV free with plans of 1299 or above. That is, you can save a lot of money with this one connection.

Already had such expectations

It was already believed that the company will also announce the price of Jio Fiber plans which can start from Rs 700 per month to Rs 10,000 per month. It was believed that in Reliance Jio Fiber, users will be provided with offers like Free Set Top Box, Smart HD TV, Broadband, Landline, and the same thing happened. Under Reliance Jio Fiber, users will get the opportunity to avail high speed broadband service. Let’s know what the users will get in Jio Fiber.

Free landline connection

In Jio Fiber, customers will be given free landline connection. With this landline connection, users can avail free phone calls on all mobile and landline connections in India. For a long time, all these services of Jio Fiber were available for testing in some cities. Users who already have a connection can apply for a landline connection through the MyJio app.

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