Oneplus TV and other 5 item make your Home as a Smart Home


Oneplus TV and other 5 item make your Home as a Smart Home: Today we are living in the era of technology. Everything is connected to technology, and includes the house. People are now making hi-tech with new gadgets they are taking home from gadgets and smart products. If you too are thinking of making your new home a hi-tech, then definitely keep these devices in your house.

Smart TV

There was a time when many cables were needed to run a TV. Now the time has changed. You can also play your TV from your phone. This type of TV has been named Smart TV. Recently OnePlus has launched its smart TV called TV Q1 Pro which looks slim and beautiful in appearance.

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro is designed like a smartphone. It is based on Android 9 Pie which runs on 9.0 OS. This 55-inch TV has a 4K resolution QLED display, which will completely change your viewing experience. This TV has 8 speakers of 50W. It provides crystal clear sound.

It provides excellent sound and picture quality. Like TV, its remote is also very different. The remote does not have many buttons and its build quality is good, with navigation buttons, volume rocker keys and Google Assistant.

WiFi Device

Internet is very important to make the house high-tech. Through this all the gadgets and smart devices of the house can be connected to the internet without any wire. This includes smartphones, tabtails, smart TVs, printers and more. Having internet at home will make life very easy. You will be able to do any work very quickly and cleanly.


Like offices and shops, people are installing CCTV at home. This helps in keeping an eye on the activities taking place in and around the house. You can also connect it to your smartphone. This will keep your home safe, as well as your concern about the safety of family members.

Smart Home Security System

As much as CCTV is necessary for home security, there is also a smart home security system. It is a kind of locking system. You can open or close it by connecting code or phone. This will always alert you that the window and door of your house is not open. With its help, you will be able to make your home safer than before.

Smart Air Quality Monitor

Pollution levels in cities are constantly increasing. In such a situation, everyone should worry about his health. Air purifier is an important issue. Most people do not even know the quality of the air they are carrying. Air Quality Monitor is a device with the help of which you can monitor the air quality of your new home and take steps to improve it.

Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are also coming in nowadays to make the house high-tech. You can use it in the room of a smart home device and control its lighting by connecting it to the Internet. Apart from this, you can increase or decrease the brightness and change the color according to your mood.

How good it is if your house is beautiful and equipped with technology. You can not only make your home secure by connecting it to different devices, but also equipped with many modern facilities.

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