PUBG Mobile: ‘Jungle Adventure’ mode included in the Pubg Mobile, know what its features are

PUBG Mobile: ‘Jungle Adventure’ mode included in the Pubg Mobile, know what its features are

Good news for Pubg mobile game players. Now a new mode named ‘Jungle Adventure’ has been included in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile has become a sensation among mobile gamers. Regular updates to the game also play a significant role in increasing the popularity of the game. ‘Jungle Adventure’ is in addition to the Sanhok map. The inclusion of ‘Jungle Adventure’ has added new mechanics and features to this popular game.

With the update of the Jungle theme, the game has also added features of totems, jungle food and hot air balloons. However, only a few lucky players will be able to try it now, as in the game they will get a random chance to enter the jungle adventure mode. However, the updated version of the game is available on both Android and Apple devices.


According to the news from Gadgets 360, PUBG Mobile has a feature of the mysterious totem in the jungle adventure mode for the Sanhawk map. These totems are of three types, Power Totum, Strategy Totum and Protection Totum. They allow players to repair helmets and vests, to restore energy and health restore respectively. Players can find totems in the map.

Jungle Food

Players arriving in Sanhawk’s jungle adventure mode will get special fruits on the map. They can loot these fruits and use them. However, they can have both positive and negative effects.

Hot Air Balloon

Players can observe the battlefield from the sky through a hot air balloon. In addition, they can also use them against the enemy. Jungle adventure mode is now live. If the Sanhok map is not already downloaded in your mobile, you can do it by going to the map screen select.

Meanwhile, news that gamers playing PUBG mobile games may soon get new maps, new weapons and a new car. The beta version of this game has seen a new classic map. The name of this map is Fourex. It is being told that the new classic map of Erangel’s combat looks smaller. The new map will also have less number of players than the old map.

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