Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch Ative Price in India, Specification, Feature


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Should you buy it or not: Samsung recently launched Galaxy Watch Active in India. Its price has been kept at Rs. 19,999. This smart watch fitness is centric and has many fitness related features. Let’s tell you that Samsung rebranded Galaxy Wear and made the Galaxy Watch and in February this year it was introduced with the Galaxy S10.

In Galaxy Watch Active, you do not get rotating bejels like the Galaxy Watch, nor is it like the Galaxy Watch in the overall size. Look and feel, it’s a lot better. The first thing you will notice is that this is light weight.

If you wear, you will not always feel like there is a clock in hand. The company’s logic behind it is that it can wear and sleep and track your fitness better with the sleep tracking feature.



The Galaxy Watch Active’s display is circular, the look is premium and hard plastic is used in it which looks premium. Rotating is not bezel which can be said to be the biggest reduction. Because the feature of Samsung’s Smart Watch is rotating bitter. The rubber strap is given with this watch, but the good thing is that you can change it to any clock shop. However the rubber strap given is conformable to wear.

The size of the clock is a bit small and because of this, its look is not like Muscular like the Galaxy Watch Active. Since this fitness is centric, it can also be justified.

There are two physical buttons on the right side of this smart watch. There is a Home button, while the second button lets you access the clock menu.

The display

The Galaxy Watch Active has a display of 1.1 inches and its resolution is 360X360. As we mentioned before, we have a circular screen that looks small. The display panel is AMOLED and the brightness is quite good. There is a colorful too. The display can be superb. There is also an on-off display mode that can be turned on, this clock also gives the best results. As far as the display is concerned, I will give this Smart Watch 9 numbers in 10 in this case.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch Ative Price in India, Specification, Feature


The performance

Exynos 9110 chipset has been given in Galaxy Watch Active. It’s dual core and its speed is 1.15GHz. This watch has 750MB RAM. The 4GB internal storage has been given at this time, which is probably less, because it would be better if more storage was provided.

Talk about performance, it is quite smoother. All the tasks are easily done. No lag, the response rate is quite fast. Touch is also good. The apps you install in it are easily open and you can use them.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch Ative Price in India, Specification, Feature

It can be easily connected to the phone, although it may take some time to connect for the first time. For this you have to download the Galaxy Watch app from Google’s Google Play store from which you can connect by selecting the Galaxy Watch Active option.

There are some pre-loaded watch faces in the Galaxy Watch Active, which you can customize to some extent. If you want, you can download many more Free and Paid Watch Face through the app.

By connecting this Galaxy Watch Active to a Bluetooth earphone, you can listen to the songs, for that you will not need to carry the phone. That is, music is standalone. But then you have to manage in 4GB space only.

You can not SIM in Galaxy Watch Active nor is it an E-SIM based. Therefore, it will not be called calling. For this you will need to connect the smartphone with it.

Mobile notifications, calls, messages and all the things can be easily done at this time. The clock is quite fast. I have been using it for 15 days but I do not feel any lag.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch Ative Price in India, Specification, Feature


Tizen OS has been given in Galaxy Watch Active. Wear is good with the OS, but not good with WatchOS. There are many features that are beneficial for you. There are also plenty of options to customize. You can put widgets on the screen; there is a fitness tracker option in watch face. Here are features like heart rate, step count. If you slide by tapping on the watch, then you will find many options. There is also an option of Stress which can be used by Relax. Pressing the second button will open the circular menu where all apps will be visible, from here you can access them.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch Ative Price in India, Specification, Feature

What about fitness is something special in this Smart Watch

There are dozens of fitness related features in the Galaxy Smart Watch, and perhaps this is the reason why the company has not paid much attention to the design and its price in India has been aggressive. In this you have given special features such as heart rate monitor, stress level tracker. Apart from this, there are several preset workout modes that they detect by themselves, but there are some who you have to add yourself.

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This watch also tells you how much stress you are in and how to fix it. There are some basic things like Breathing Exercise. I tried it and it was really useful. Standard features such as GPS, etc. have also been given in this watch.

Galaxy Watch Active also has a blood pressure monitor that does not work as accurate. But many times this is correct. You have to download your Bp lab to use it. Give it permission, will install it after that you can use it. In a while, it tells you BP level, this is a lot of work feature and its +1 for Samsung. Hopefully this will be 100% accurate in the Next Generation Smart Watch.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch Ative Price in India, Specification, Feature

What is its battery life?

You get a charging dock in the box to charge it. Actually this is a wireless charger and you can charge the clock by keeping it on. Always on feature consumes more battery. Simple fund, if you keep offline on, then you will get more battery backup. I watch this watch in the morning office and keep it at 9 o’clock in the night, I do not stop it. In this way I get a three-day backup Now you can guess from this. This is a backup of mixed use. Always turn on on and off when needed. I do not hear songs and I have not installed more apps in it. The default watch face is more used.

Should you buy this ‘Galaxy Watch Active’?

In this budget probably could not find a smart watch with better features. There will be no better display than this, at least at this price. But if you talk about design, you probably would not have liked it. There are plenty of fitness related features, the display is superb, fast and in terms of performance it is much better.

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